Surname swap, no. 4.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

In the 1850 census, South Side of the Neuse, Wayne County: John Stafford, 48, hireling; Hannah Stafford, 45; and Caroline, 9, Boswell, 3, and Betsey Stafford, 6 months.

But in the 1860 census, Indian Springs, Wayne County:  Annis Brooks, 51; children Caroline, 20, Basil, 14, and Elizabeth Brooks, 10; and grandson Hatch Brooks, 2 months.

That Caroline and Basil Brooks were apprenticed in Wayne County in 1853 suggests that their parents were unmarried. W.H. (Willon Hatch) Brooks’ death certificate, filed in Bertie County after his 12 May 1925 death, lists his parents as Wright Casey and Caline Brooks.  However, the death certificates of Roland Greenfield, Harriett Ann Greenfield and Mary Susan Greenfield list their mother’s maiden name as Elizabeth (or Lillie) Stafford and only her son Joe Ingram Greenfield’s lists her as Elizabeth Brooks.

Death Certificates, Register of Deeds Office, Wayne County Courthouse. Federal Population Schedules.