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In payment of Confederate taxes, no. 4.

Form of the estimate and assessment of agricultural products agreed upon by the assessor and tax-payer, and the value of the portion thereof to which the government is entitled, which is taxed in kind, in accordance with the provisions of Section 11 of “an Act to lay taxes for the common defence and carry on the government of the Confederate States,” said estimate and assessment to be made as soon as the crops are ready for market.

Rice — Quantity of gross crop. — 5 bush. Quality — #2. Tithe or one-tenth. — 1/2 bush. Value of one-tenth. — $2.00

Cured Fodder — Quantity of gross crop. — 700 lbs. Quality — #2. Tithe or one-tenth. —  70 lbs. Value of one-tenth. — $280

Ground peas — Quantity of gross crop. — 7 1/2 bush. Quality — #2. Tithe or one-tenth. — 3/4 bush. Value of one-tenth. — $4.50

I, Durant Dove of the County of Onslow and State of N.C. do swear that the above is a true statement and estimate of all the agricultural products produced by me during the year 1863, which are taxable by the provisions of the 11th section of the above stated act, including what may have been sold of consumed by me, and of the value of that portion of said crops to which the government is entitled. /s/ Durant X Dove

Sworn to and subscribed to before me the 28th day of November 1863, and I further certify that the above estimate and assessment has been agreed upon by said Dove and myself as a correct and true statement of the amount of his crops and the value of the portion to which the government is entitled. /s/ F. Thompson, Assessor.

The Confederate Papers Relating to Citizens or Business Firms, 1861-1865 (NARA M346), often called the “Confederate Citizens File,” is a collection of 650,000 vouchers and other documents relating to goods furnished or services rendered to the Confederate government by private individuals and businesses.

The “Citizens File” was created by the Confederate Archives Division of the Adjutant General’s Office from records created or received by the Confederate War and Treasury Departments that were in the custody of the U.S. War Department. The Citizens File was created to aid in determining the legitimacy of compensation claims submitted for property losses allegedly inflicted by Union forces. The records were used by the Treasury and Justice Departments, Southern Claims Commission, Court of Claims, and congressional claims committees to determine whether the claimant had been loyal to the Union or had aided the Confederate government and thus not eligible for compensation.

Willis Dove, Confederate cook.

 willis dove conf

Comments on additional muster rolls indicate that Dove, a corporal, “has no horse” in January-February 1864 and deserted the Confederate Army on 5 April 1864.

In the 1850 census of Lower Richlands, Onslow County: Hosea Baisden, 50, wife Nancy, 60, and Willis, 13, Hull, 12, and Rilly Dove, 5.

In the 1860 census of Southern Division, Duplin County, Willis Dove, 23, wife Mary Dove, 20, and daughter Mary Jones Dove, 4, plus B.J. Hall, a white schoolteacher, 18.

A slave is not a competent witness against a free negro?

Cox v. Dove, a Free Negro, 1 NC 72 (1796) .

1. A slave can not be a witness against a free negro.

2. In trespass quare clausum fregit, the defendant under the general issue may give in evidence a license.

Trespass quare clausum fregit and non culpabilis pleaded.

To prove the entry a negro slave was called and offered to be sworn.

But the Court (WILLIAMS, J., saying he never heard such a thing asked: HAYWOOD, J., tacente,) refused to admit the witness, although the defendant was stated to be a negro. 2, 1777, 2, 42, 307.

The case of State v. George, ante, p. 40, was cited: but much argument was not offered by the plaintiff’s counsel; there being other witnesses, attending to prove the fact intended to have been proved by the slave. He having been offered only to come at the opinion of the judges.

Slade, for the defendant, offered to read in evidence, a letter from the plaintiff to the defendant, authorizing him to tend turpentine trees on the premises.

Martin, for the plaintiff, objected to this: on the ground that if the defendant meant to avail himself of the plaintiff’s license, he ought not to have denied the entry, which he had done by pleading non culpabilis; at all events he ought to have pleaded justification. He cited Co. Litt., 282.

The Court, HAYWOOD, J., and STONE, J., nevertheless permitted the letter to be read: on the authority of a case cited out of Buller’s Nisi Prius, 90. Hatton & Neale, per Jones, C. J., 1683.

The plaintiff proved a trespass committed by cutting timber, and had a verdict.

NOTE.–Upon the first point see State v. George, ante, and 1 Rev. Stat., ch. 31, sec. 81. The law was later clearly settled that a slave is a competent witness against a free negro.

[Sidenote: Though I have a law degree, I’m not completely confident about my interpretation of this bizarrely fashioned decision. Thus, I present it in its entirety.  — LYH]

United States Colored Troops, no. 12.

14 H. Art’y. U.S.C.T. Hampton Reynolds. Co. A, 14 H. Art’y. U.S.C.T. Reg’t. appears on Company Descriptive Book of the organization named above. Description: age, 38 years; height, 6 feet 0 inches; complexion, black; eyes, black; hair, black; where born, Hertford County, NC; occupation, laborer. Enlistment: when, 2 Aug 1864; where, New Bern; by whom: W.H. Wrigley; term, 3 years. Remarks: Appointed Corp, July 25, ‘65.

38 U.S.C.T. Preston Weaver. Co. G, 38 Reg’t U.S. Col’d Inf. appears on Company Descriptive Book of the organization named above. Description: age, 22 years; height, 5 feet 7 inches; complexion, “D.K.”; eyes, grey; hair, black; where born, Hertford County, NC; occupation, laborer. Enlistment: when, 23 July 1864; where, Norfolk VA; by whom: Lt. A. Roberts; term, 3 years.  Remarks: “Promoted to corporal – date unknown – Died in Post Hosp Aug 30 1865”

5 U.S.C.T. Ira Wyatt. Co. H, 5 Reg’t U.S. Col’d Inf. appears on Company Descriptive Book of the organization named above. Description: age, 32 years; height, 5 feet 7 inches; complexion, mulatto; eyes, black; hair, black; where born, Hartford County, NC; occupation, farmer. Enlistment: when, 15 August 1863; where, Circleville OH; term, 3 years.  Remarks: “Transferred from Co ‘D’  October 18 1863 Died on furlough at Circleville Ohio December 9 1863”

11 H. Art’y. U.S.C.T. Isiah Dove. Co. B, 11 Reg’t U.S. Col’d Inf. appears on Company Descriptive Book of the organization named above. Description: age, 23 years; height, 5 feet 5 ½ inches; complexion, dark; eyes, black; hair, black; where born, Newbern NC; occupation, seaman. Enlistment: when, 7 September 1863; where, Providence RI; by whom: Capt. Simon; term, 3 years. 

Combined Military Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldiers, National Archives and Records Administration; federal population schedules.

The partition of Isaac Dove’s land.

STATE OF NORTH-CAROLINA.  To the Sheriff of Craven County, GREETING:

You are hereby commanded to summon Hardy L. Jones, James T. Jones Esqr., Gideon Jones, Joseph Davis & Benjamin Borden to meet at such place and at some time before the next Court, to be held for your County, on the second Monday of February next, as you shall seem fit, then and there to make partition of that part of the lands (which were formerly held in common between Isaac Dove and Anthony Brown) which belongs to the heirs of Isaac Dove and are situated in Craven County on the east side of Spring Branch between George Carter & Sukey his wife. Stephen Godett & Mary his wife. Gambo Fenner & Deborah his wife who own the lands on the east side of Spring-Branch, heirs at law of Isaac Dove deceased, in severalty. Herein fail not and return the proceedings of said Commissioners in this behalf to our Court of pleas and Quarter-Sessions to be held on the second Monday of February next, together with this writ.

Witness, JAMES G. STANLY, Clerk of our said Court, at Newbern, the second Monday of November in the 50th Year of our Independence,   A.D. 1825.  /s/ J.G. Stanly


In obiediece to the Annexed order we the undersigned commissioners have made partition of the Lands heretofore held in common between Isaac Dove and Anthony Brown we find two Hundred and thirty four acres which we divide Eaqually No 1 drawn by Isaac Doves heirs Begins at the patent corner pine and runing So 9 E 203 poles to a Stake thence N 75 W 218 pole and thence to the Beginning Cont’ing One Hundred and seventeen acres No 2 by Anthony Brown or William and Jacob Dove Begins at a poplar the corner of the patent and runing thence No 54 E 90 poles to the corner of No 1 thence along the line So 73 E 218 poles to the corner stake thence So 7 E 45 pole to the patent corner thence No 85 ½ W’t 278 poles to a white oak on Cohoque Creek then down the creek to the Beginning Containing 117 acres In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this 4th day of February 1826  /s/ Hardy C. Jones, Gideon Jones, James T. Jones, Benj. Bordin

From the file of the estate of Isaac Dove, Craven County. North Carolina Estate Files 1663-1979, Original, North Carolina State Archives.

Her freedom has never been disputed.

State of North Carolina Onslow County

To all persons whom it may concern we the under Signed being called on to State what we Know concernning the Freedom of Nancy dove formerly Nancy Henderson do certify that Nancy Ann Henderson the Mother of the said Nancy Dove was a Free born white Woman and that the Freedom of the said Nancy Dove never has been disputed given under our hands this 3rd March 1860  /s/ John Mills {seal} Nancy Parker {seal}

Test J.W. Thompson X


March Term 1860

Then was the above certificate proven in open Court by J.W. Thompson  /s/ Harvey(?) Cox


State of North Carolina Onslow County   } Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions March Term 1860

Then was the foregoing Certificate of John Mills and Nancy Parker duly proved in open Court by the Oath of Jonathan W. Thompson and Ordered to be registered  /s/ Jasper Etheridge


State of North Carolina, Onslow County   } Registered in due form of law, April 14th 1860 – Book No 29, Folio 48.  /s/ Z.M. Coston Regr

Slave Records, Onslow County Records, North Carolina State Archives.

[Sidenote: Nancy Henderson, also known as Nancy Dove, was the sister of my great-great-great-great-grandmother, Patsey Henderson.  –LYH]

Freedman’s Bank depositor, no. 3.

No. 3521. Record for James Crawford.  Date April 21, 1873. Where born: New Bern. Where brought up: ditto. Residence: East Front Street. Age 29, September 15. Complexion: dark brown. Occupation: porter for J. and J.A. Patterson. Wife: Mary Noble, married August 1, 1872. Children: None. Father: Virgil Crawford, dead. Mother: Gatsey Dove. One half-brother: Virgil A. /s/ James Crawford.

Freedman’s Bank Records, National Archives and Records Administration.

In the 1850 census of Upper Richlands, Onslow County: Virgil Crawford, 39, mechanic, in the household of Stephen Wallis, farmer. In the 1860 census of Onslow County: Gatsey Dove, 35, domestic, in the household of Edward K. Ervin, farmer. [Sidenote: in 1860, Gatsey Dove appears as Gatsey Henderson in her mother Nancy Henderson‘s household in Upper Richlands, Onslow County. — LYH]

A deserving case.

Wants Pension for James Saunders.

Citizens of Onslow County have sent up a petition, asking that James Saunders, colored, be put upon the Confederate pension roll, for service rendered at Fort Fisher in the works and as a soldier. Mr. Koonce says that Saunders is the old free negro type and a deserving case; and that he is the first one of the race to ask for a pension. The Legislature has done worse things.

The Courier, Asheboro, 4 February 1909.

In the 1860 census of Richlands, Onslow County: James Sanders, 28, farm laborer, Amos Dove, 14, and Zachariah Dove, 10. 

One of the runaways had a free wife.

TAKEN UP AND COMMITTED TO THE PUBLIC JAIL — of Wilkes County on the 15th inst. three negro men, who say they belong to JOHN SMITH, a refugee, stopping at present at High Point, N.C. viz:

JO, about 30 years of age, weighs 160 lbs., five feet three and a half inches high, teeth good, “black as soot,” says he was raised in Jones County by MERRY JONES; had a free wife name ANNA DONE [DOVE]; is a shoe-maker.

CHARLES, raised in Craven County, owned by MRS. LAVINIA SMITH, of Edgecombe County; knows B.M. SELBY and other citizens of Tarboro’; 40 years of age, weighs 160 lbs., height five feet eight inches; black round face; and professes to be a sort of carpenter.

HENRY, 35 years of age; weighs 150 lbs., five feet eight inches high; yellow black in color; was raised in Virginia by DR. HARRIS, sold to JAS. HARRISON, who sold to JOHN SMITH, the present owner, and says he is a plasterer.

The owner or owners will please come forward, pay charges and take said negroes away, or they will be dealt with as law further directs.  August 24, 1863       ROBT. M. SMITH, Sheriff.

Raleigh Standard, 26 August 1863.

He is probably lurking around his wife’s.

Twenty Dollars Reward.

RAN AWAY From the Subscriber’s plantation in Jones County, on the 8th inst. a negro man named TONEY. He has a cut on his foot, which occasions him to walk lame — is of a black complexion, and has a wife in Newbern known by the name of Rhoda Dove. It is probable he is lurking about Newbern. The above reward will be given and all expences paid, for his apprehension and confinement in Jail. All persons are hereby forwarned from harbouring, and masters of vessels from carrying said fellow away under penalty of the law.   LEWIS SANDERSON, Jones County, April 8, 1821.

Carolina Centinel, New Bern, 11 August 1821.

In the 1830 census of New Bern, Craven County, Rhoda Dove was the head of a household of three free people of color.