Base-born children.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

“Patsey Henderson a free woman of color in Onslow County came into court and desired her two sons (viz) James Henderson and Bryan Henderson be bound to Jesse Gregory agreeable to law and give Jason Gregory and Hezekiah Williams for securities in the sum of $1000 each.”  [February Term, 1821]

Gatsey and William Henderson, “colour’d children the reputed children of Simon Dove dec’d,”  apprenticed to James Glenn Sr.  [August Term, 1822]

Bryan (14) and James Henderson (9), “the baseborn children of Patsey Henderson,” apprenticed to James Glenn sr.  Betsy and Gatsy Henderson, children of Nancy Henderson, apprenticed to Lewis Mills.  Miranda Henderson apprenticed to Elizabeth Williams.  [August Term, 1824]

Minutes, Onslow County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions.

[Sidenote: Patsey Henderson was my great-great-great-great-great-grandmother; her son James, my great-great-great-great-grandfather. — LYH]