Fourth Generation Inclusive

Historical Documents of Genealogical Interest to Researchers of North Carolina's Free People of Color

Base-born children.

“Patsey Henderson a free woman of color in Onslow County came into court and desired her two sons (viz) James Henderson and Bryan Henderson be bound to Jesse Gregory agreeable to law and give Jason Gregory and Hezekiah Williams for securities in the sum of $1000 each.”  [February Term, 1821]

Gatsey and William Henderson, “colour’d children the reputed children of Simon Dove dec’d,”  apprenticed to James Glenn Sr.  [August Term, 1822]

Bryan (14) and James Henderson (9), “the baseborn children of Patsey Henderson,” apprenticed to James Glenn sr.  Betsy and Gatsy Henderson, children of Nancy Henderson, apprenticed to Lewis Mills.  Miranda Henderson apprenticed to Elizabeth Williams.  [August Term, 1824]

Minutes, Onslow County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions.

[Sidenote: Patsey Henderson was my great-great-great-great-great-grandmother; her son James, my great-great-great-great-grandfather. — LYH]

Free colored slaveholders in Wayne County, 1850.

Hillary Croom — 55 year-old black female; 32 year-old black male.

Levi Winn — 55 year-old black male; 22 year-old black male.

Sheppard Best — 80 year-old black female.

Tabitha Read — 50 year-old black male; 50 year-old black male; 60 year-old black male; 55 year-old black female.

Celia Artice — 60 year-old male.

Arthur Cotten — 50 year-old black male.

Rhoda Read — 70 year-old black male.

Luke Hall — 70 year-old black male.

Celia Artice and sisters Rhoda and Tabitha Read owned their husbands.  The ages of slaves held by other free people of color in the county suggests that they, too, had secured title to loved ones.

1850 United States Federal Census, Slave Schedule, Wayne County NC.

Free-Issue Death Certificates: MOZINGO

Phacia Ammons.  Died 5 Oct 1930, Wolfscrape township, Duplin County.  Colored.  Widow of Jim Ammons.  Age 80.  Born in Wayne County to Greene Mozingo of Sampson County and Ma[illegible] Simmons of Wayne County.  Buried Wayne County.  Informant, Geo. Ammons.

The 1860 census of Northern Division, Duplin County, shows Patience Masingo, age 5, in the household of Green (85) and Nancy Masingo (28).

Agnes Mozingo.  Died 29 May 1923, Goldsboro.  Colored.  Widow.  Age 90.  Born in Cumberland County to Bryant Cl[illegible] and Agnes Allen, both of Cumberland County.  Buried Greenleaf cemetery, Goldsboro.  Informant, W.M. Mozingo.

Agnes Allan married Wiley Mozingo on 17 Mar 1885 in Cumberland County.

Sallie Smith.  Died 12 May 1938, Shine, Greene County. Colored. Widow of Allen Smith. Age 84. Born Greene County to Will McZingle and unknown. Buried Taylor cemetery. Informant, Mrs. Minnie Smith.

James Mozingo. Died 21 June 1937, Stony Creek, Wayne County. Colored. Married to Bettie Mozingo. Farmer. Age 76. Born “Cumbland” County to Wiley Mozingo of Duplin County and unknown mother. Buried Sheard cemetery. Informant, Gurney Mozingo.

Valid or void?

State v. Alfred Hooper & Elizabeth Suttles, 27 NC 201 (1844).

Alfred Hooper, a free man of color, and Elizabeth Suttles, a white woman, were tried in May, 1842, in Rutherford County on an indictment for adultery.  Their defense?  That they were married.  A jury found that the couple had lived together as man and wife for ten years prior to the indictment and referred to the court the question of whether that marriage was valid or void.  (If valid, they were innocent of adultery.  If not, guilty.)  The court held that, as the marriage took place prior to Act of 1838, chapter 24, which barred marriages between colored and white people.  Hooper and Suttles’ marriage was valid.  On appeal, the State Supreme Court pointed out the 1830 statute that also made it unlawful for a free negro to marry a white person.  Because Hooper and Suttles’ marriage took place while the 1830 statute was in force and, accordingly, was invalid.  And they were adjudged adulterers.

Judgment notwithstanding, the 1850 federal census of Montfords Cove, Rutherford County, lists Alfred Hooper (age 54), wife Elizabeth (36) and their children Toliver (18), Henry (17), Charity (14), Eliza (12), Mahala (10), Martha (8), Amanda (6) and Mary (4).