Fourth Generation Inclusive

Historical Documents of Genealogical Interest to Researchers of North Carolina's Free People of Color

Month: December, 2014

Accidentally discharged.

Coroner Wood held an inquest yesterday over the dead body of a free colored man, named Jordan Howard, employed at the Wilmington & Weldon Railroad, who came to his death from the effects of a shot from a pistol, accidentally discharged, on Saturday last, while in the hands of Mr. Strouse, who keeps a store above the Railroad. The man died on Monday.

The verdict of the jury completely exonerates Mr. Strouse from any blame in the matter.

Wilmington Journal, 2 May 1856.

Both buildings were entirely consumed.

The alarm of fire Wednesday night was caused by the burning of two wooden buildings on Third st., between Mulberry and Chesnut streets. The fire is said to have originated in the building owned by Mr. A.A. WANET, extending to the next building South, used as a carpenter’s shop, and occupied by James Usher, a colored man. Both buildings were entirely consumed. It is supposed to have been the work of an incendiary.

Wilmington Journal, 3 November 1864.