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Committed on suspicion.


Fayetteville Weekly Observer, 8 March 1858.

In the 1850 census of Northwest, Brunswick County: cooper Henry Patrick, 24, wife Hester, 24, and children Anne, 2, and William, 4 months. Next door: cooper William Patrick, 47, wife Sophia, 55, and Ezekiel, 23, Massa, 17, Mildred, 16, Benjamin, 2, and Margaret Patrick, 9 months.

In the 1850 census of Northwest, Brunswick County: Elias Freeman, 59, wife Abby, 50, and children Celia, 21, Prucilla, 20, Joshua, 21, William, 20, Jesse, 16, John, 12, Mary, 10, and Eliza Freeman, 4, plus Julia Jacobs, 10.

In the 1850 census of Northwest, Brunswick County: Henry Jacobs, 43, wife Mary, 42, and children Eli, 18, Sylvany, 11, Mary, 15, Betsy, 9, Eliza, 7, and Jerry Jacobs, 4.

Most Horrible Murder.


Fayetteville Weekly Observer, 8 May 1858.

I did the best I could.

North Carolina     }           In the Superior Court October Term 1897

Sampson County }

Hardy A. Brewington, Joshua Brewington, Simon Brewington, Nathan Brewington, Nancy Goodman and her husband J.B. Goodman, Lucy Strickland and her husband J.S. Strickland, Eliza Manuel and her husband Alvin Manuel, Bashaby Brewington, Mary Wheeler, Lulu Brewington and Luther Brewington heirs at law of Raiford Brewington Jr. and Allen B. Brewington by his guardian Hardy A. Brewington, Plaintiffs

Jno. R. Jacobs, Rocia Lee Brewington and her husband J.A. Brewington, Lillie B. Brewington and her husband M.L. Brewington, and Jno. R. Jacobs, guardian ad litem of Della Jacobs and Lavinia Jacobs, Defendants

The plaintiffs complain of the defendants and allege:

I.    That on the 20th day of Nov. A.D. 1890 Raiford Brewington & his wife Bashaby Brewington executed a deed to John R. Jacobs and his wife Polly Ann Jacobs for the following described tract of land to wit: Situate in Sampson County State of North Carolina and adjoining the lands of Nathan Brewington, James M. Parker and others and bounded as follows; Beginning at a stake on the lane and runs about S 550 yards to a stake at an old post oak stump the line of Jas. M. Parker & W. Royal thence west about 750 yards to a stake on the west wide of Beaver Dam swamp, thence up the edge of the swamp to a shortleaf pine at the ditch, thence East 750 yards to the beginning containing 75 acres more or less.

II.    That the deed aforesaid is duly recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds of Sampson County Book 76 p 193 a copy of which deed is marked “Exhibit A” and hereto attached and made a part of this complaint, which deed does not convey the said lands in fee simple but upon certain stipulations and conditions in words as follows: — The said Raiford Brewington & wife Bashaby Brewington excepts their life time estate in said lands and the said John R. Jacobs and Polly Ann Jacobs and their heirs are to support the said Raiford Brewington and wife Bashaby Brewington and their son Allen B. Brewington during their natural life time and furnish them with good comfortable cloths. When the said John R. Jacobs and wife Polly Ann and their heirs fails to comply with the above obligations then their right and title to the aforesaid land shall be void and a further condition in said deed is that the said Raiford Brewington & wife Bashy shall have the use of said property during their life time but shall not sell any of said property not land unless it is agreeable with J.R. Jacobs & wife Polly Ann. Neither the said J.R. Jacobs and Polly Ann shall sell any of said property nor land unless it is agreeable with Raiford Brewington & wife Bashaby.

III.     That upon the execution & delivery of said deed to wit on Nov 20th 1890 the said Jno. R. Jacobs & wife Polly Ann Jacobs went into possession of the lands described in said deed and exercised possession and full control of same until 1893 when Polly Ann Jacobs died, but during this period they did not fully comply with the conditions of said deed and Raiford Brewington & wife Bashaby were required to work and furnish their own support. After the death of Polly Ann Jacobs, her husband Jno. R. Jacobs & the heirs of Polly Ann Jacobs continued to live on the premises & exercise possession & full control of same until about Jan 1st 1896 when they quit the premises & furnished no further food or support in any way since to Raiford Brewington & wife Bashaby Brewington of their son Allen Brewington nor did the said Jno. R. Jacobs & the heirs of Polly Ann Jacobs comply with the conditions in said deed before they deserted the premises but instead wasted & used the provisions made & provided by the said Raiford Brewington & wife with whom the said Jno. R. Jacobs & family loved.

IV.     That Polly Ann Jacobs is one of the children and heirs of Raiford Brewington & Bashaby Brewington and has been fully provided for by them before said deed was executed to them. That Allen Brewington one of the children is an idiot and the only heir not provided for by Raiford Brewington, and the lands conveyed to Jno. R. Jacobs & Polly Ann Jacobs in the deed set out above was the sahe of the Raiford Brewington estate that he intended for his son Allen Brewington and for himself and wife Bashaby Brewington as long as they should live.

V.      That in January 1896 Raiford Brewington died leaving his wife Bashaby Brewington & son Allen Brewington with no one to support them, as Jno. R. Jacobs and the heirs of Polly An Jacobs had broken the conditions in said deed by leaving the premises & refusing to provide them any support.

VI.     That if said deed shall remain in full force & effect, it would be in violation of the conditions in said deed, and contrary to the will and intent, and the express declaration of the grantors therein & would leave them without any means of support.

VII.      That if said deed shall remain in full force and effect Jno. R. Jacobs and the heirs of Polly Ann Jacobs would thereby receive a double share of the estate of Raiford Brewington to wit: the share of Allen Brewington and the share of Polly Ann Jacobs which latter share had been allotted to her before the execution of said deed.

Wherefore the plaintiffs pray:

I.             That the deed referred to in Article I of this Complaint be declared null and void and that a suitable person be appointed by the court to take the title of said land and hold the same in trust for Bashaby Brewington and her son Allen Brewington and the rents and profits therefrom be applied to the feeding, clothing & support of them as long as they both shall live and the remainder to the heirs at law of Raiford Brewington.

II.            For cost and general relief —   Lee & Butler attys for the plaintiffs.

Hardy A. Brewington being duly sworn according to law says that he has read the foregoing complaint or heard it read and that he knows the contents thereof to be true except such matters and things as are set out on information and belief and those he believes to be true.

Subscribed & sworn to before me this the 29 day of October 1897   /s/ H.A. Brewington


The file also contains notes from trial testimony:

Hardy Brewington — am son of Raiford Brewington – he had twelve children – Polly Ann Jacobs is my sister – My father gave her Polly Ann $300 in money & $100 in other property – My father never gave Allen Brewington anything – He is an idiot – 48 yrs old never did any work – My mother is living is 86 or 87 yrs old – not able to work – Allen lives with her – Jacobs & wife came into possession at date of deed They lived on the land with my mother 5 yrs – Polly Ann died about ’93 – Jacobs lived there 2 ½ yrs after death of wife – Jacobs went to Dudley in Wayne Co & has lived there ever since – My father was then living on the land – he died at 85 yrs – Jacobs provided very poorly for the old man wife & son provisions were poor & not plenty of it. Jacobs was liable to drink & will go off & leave them unprovided for in food & fuel. Land tolerably good when Jacobs took possession, pretty poor when he left He always had plenty to eat & good clothes – The Heirs of Polly Ann Jacobs left the old people neglected – Jacobs could have remained on the land & made them more comfortable – He cut timber & carried to Wilmington – and wasted the money – Myself & son have supported the old people since Jacobs my married defnts daughter – Jacobs has done nothing for them since ’95 – Have heard old man complain of being hungry – cold &c. – Raiford Brewington & wife did not consent to the mortgage didn’t know of it until six or eight months after – He said Jacobs had given a mortgage & he didn’t know what wd become of him – My father died in ’96 – My mother & Idiot have no means of support except this land – Whitney Royal wrote the deed – Jacobs moved from Dudley down on this land – Jacobs married 2nd time after about 1 ½ yr after wife’s death – Jacobs got money from Parker $30 & my father said he would see it paid. – Note given about 12 mos before mortgage

Jim Strickland — Live 2 ½ miles from place – I married Raiford Brewington’s daughter – He gave her $200 – Jacobs didn’t give them enough to eat – at all times – his clothes were common – Jacobs has done nothing for them since ’95 – Place was better when he came than when he left – Land not worth much now – Brother Hardy & son Arthur have been supporting them since Jacobs left

Arthur Brewington – Am son of Hardy Brewington Jacobs staid on the land about 5 years – The food was pretty poor like the most of us meat & bread – Before Jacobs went there could get as good a meal as anywhere – he wd leave land neglected – Drank every week – Raiford put me there after Jacobs left – Me & my father have been supporting the old people – They complained of want of food & fuel – I did the best I could under the circumstances – Jacobs could have done better than he did.

J.R. Jacobs – Am one of Defn’ts – When I went there but little provisions – fence gone down pretty much – I made a crop next I put 2000 [illegible] the spring I went there & clean out ditches I did the best I could – all eat at same table – He complained some like old people will do – Neither of them suffered for food or fuel I cut timber & carried to Wilmington – no profit – My wife lived about 4 yrs after I went there – I did the best I could – Arthur seemed to be their choice – We bargained for Arthur to go there & take my obligation with consent of old people – I was in debt in Clinton – I went to Parker to get the money – Old man helped to get up money – Old Man was present – gave boundaries &c — $35 note was to pay for guano – I owed Vann $25 for corn – I carried it home he carried it [illegible] – All of it was for money used on the place & for mule worked on place. Raiford [knew] all about it – I gave a lien on crop that year – The $35 mortgage was included in the $125 mortgage Raiford Brewington only once came here – The $125 mortgage was made on the plantation & he knew about it, and was willing to it – Judgmt agst me for Parker – 40 acres of cleared land on the place – Raiford Brewington asked me to cancel the deed I told him I didn’t [think] it right to do so. This was after my wife died.

J.L. Brewington – Raiford Brewington was my father – Hard to please he wanted something to drink He had a heap to feed – people & stock – Jacobs did the best he could The old man grumbled all the time – but had plenty to eat –

Jonathan Goodman – Live about ½ miles from the place – I saw the old man frequently – He lived as good as most any farmer – While Jacobs lived there – he lived as well as common run of people that had no more – Jacobs drank some – It seemed as if Jacobs wished to please him – he was off at times –

Mary Eliza Brewington – Raiford was my husbd father – I lived ½ mile from him I heard Raiford say it was a just debt as far as he [illegible] and he wanted Parker paid – The old people got along as well as one could expect

J.R. Parker – The $35 mortgage Raiford & Jacobs came to me & wanted to borrow some money – Raiford proposed to meet him in Clinton & make up the papers – which we did – I let Jacobs have some corn & bacon – This was cancelled to make up the $125 mortgage – The cash that I gave Jacobs – and the note for $35 with the money due me makes up the $125 – I know that Raiford knew of the $125 note & mortgage — $35 was all money – how much more I don’t know – over half of it – There was an indictment agst Jacobs for passing counterfeit money. Raiford came to me & didn’t say he would or wouldn’t sign the $125 –

Marshal Newman – Was J.P. – at time mortgage was made – Parker & Jacobs got me to write this mortgage – it was made at Nathan Brewington’s house Raiford was not present, and never said anything to me about it. Nathan Brewington’s was convenient to Jacobs –

Hardy Brewington (re-called) – We knew nothing about $125


Judgment for Hardy Brewington et al. The judge found that John and Polly Ann Jacobs had not complied fully with the terms of the deed and ordered that (1) the deed from the Brewingtons to the Jacobses be declared null and void; (2) Hardy Brewington be appointed trustee of the land for the sole use and benefit of Bashaby and Allen Brewington during their lifetimes; (3) after the deaths of Bashaby and Allen, Hardy was to be discharged from his trusteeship, and (4) John Jacobs and the Parkers were to pay court costs.

From the file of Polly Ann Jacobs, Sampson County, North Carolina Estate Files 1663-1979, Original, North Carolina State Archives.

In the 1860 census of Honeycutts, Sampson County: Raiford Brewington, 48, farmer; wife Basheba, 45; and children Thomas, 21, Ann E., 17, James, 15, Hardy, 13, Joshua, 11, Raiford, 9, Simon P., 8, Polla A., 6, Allen B., 4, and Nathan, 1; all mulatto.

Tokens of God’s anger.


Goldsboro Messenger, 3 April 1884.

Jesse A. Jacobs was born about 1817 in Sampson County and died in Wayne County in 1902.

Five times no.



On this 24 day of July, A.D. 1912, personally appeared before me W.F. Sessoms, C.S.C. in and for the State and County aforesaid, Enos Jacobs, age 67 years, and a resident at Clinton post-office, in said County and State, and who, being duly sworn, makes the following declaration in order to obtain the pension under the provisions of an act entitled “An act for the relief of certain Confederate Soldiers, Sailors and Widows,” ratified March 8, 1907; that he is the identical Enos Jacobs who enlisted in Co. F, 2nd Reg., N.C. State Troops Bat, on or about the [blank] day of [blank], 1863, to serve in the armies of the late Confederate States, and that while in service at [blank] in the State of [blank], on or about [blank] day of April, 1863, he received a wound or wounds, etc. [description] I was a colored work hand at Fort Caswell and Cameron during the war. I threw up breast works rolled sand and dug up turf to put over the sand to keep it from blowing away. I remained in the war until the close. I am old and need help. I can’t get about to do anything scarcely.

He further states: that he is, and has been for twelve months immediately preceding this Application for Pension, a bona fide resident of North Carolina; that he holds no office under the United States, or any State or County, from which he is receiving the sum of three hundred dollars as fees or as salary annually; that he is not worth in his own right, or the right of his wife, property at its assessed value for taxation to the amount of five hundred dollars ($500), or has he disposed of property of such value by gift or voluntary conveyance since the 11th of March, 1885; and that he is not receiving any aid from the State of North Carolina or under any other statue providing for the relief of the maimed and blind soldiers of the State.   Enos X Jacobs

Sworn and subscribed to before me, this 24 day of July, 1912.  /s/ W.F. Sessoms

Also personally appeared before me B.S. Peterson, who resides at Clinton post-office, in said County and State, a person whom I know to be respectable and entitled to credit, and being by me duly sworn, says he acquainted with Enos Jacobs, the applicant for pension, and has every reason to believe that he is the identical person he represents himself to be, and that the facts set forth in this affidavit are correct to the best of his knowledge and belief, and that he has no interest, direct or indirect, in this claim. /s/ B.S. Peterson

Sworn and subscribed to before me, this 24 day of July, 1912.  /s/ W.F. Sessoms

Also personally appeared before me Dr. John A. Stevens a physician in good standing in said County and State and being duly sworn, says that he has carefully and thoroughly examined Enos Jacobs, the applicant for pension, and finds such disability for manual labor as described below, by reason of wounds received while in the discharge of his duty as a soldier or sailor of North Carolina in the service of the late Confederate States. I find it is with great difficulty that he can walk at all. He is a great sufferer with chronic rheumatism. He looks to be much older than herein stated, and shows that he has been a great sufferer from pain. There is a spinal trouble also. The right leg is shrunken & partly paralyzed.   /s/ John A. Stevens, Signature of Physician.

Sworn and subscribed to before me, this 25 day of July, 1912.  /s/ W.F. Sessoms


Enos Jacobs’ application was disallowed: “Negro Worked on Breastworks.” He applied again on 18 July 1913, stating “I was in the war from 1862 till 1865 the cease of the war. I was a cook Jim Strange of Fayetteville was my capt. I am now old and cant do much work.” A different doctor testified to his rheumatism and a marked “aortic systolic” problem, but noted that he had not been injured in the war. Application disallowed: “Was a Cook.” He applied a third time on 1 July 1918: “Applicant was not wounded, but during this service he caught a cough from which he has never recovered. I was cook for Mr. Walter Draughon and Mr. Buck Peterson.” His doctor noted that he had chronic bronchitis, cataracts in both eyes, and marked arteriosclerosis. Disallowed. He applied a fourth time on 19 June 1915: “I was not wounded in service but I am now old and cant do but very little work. I have Rheumatism badly at time and am blind in one eye. My work in the war was cooking for and waiting on soldiers. I was in service about two years.” Jacobs returned to Dr. Stevens, who itemized his disabilities and added “He is certainly deserving of assistance.” Disallowed. Jacobs applied for the fifth and final time on 11 July 1916: “I was not wounded in the war. I helped throw up breastworks, cut turf and rolled sand, and was sent to the salt works at top sail sound and assisted in making salt for the government. I waited on the white folks generally in the war and cooked some. I am now old and cant do but very little work.” Hardy A. Brewington vouched for his identity, and Dr. Stevens again pled his infirmities. Disallowed: “Not in Army but at Salt Works.”

File of Enos Jacobs, North Carolina Confederate Soldiers and Widows Pension Applications 1885-1953, Original, North Carolina State Archives.

John R. Jacobs.

ImageJOHN ROBERT JACOBS was the son of Jesse A. Jacobs and Abigail Gilliam Jacobs. He is buried in the First Congregational Church cemetery, Dudley, Wayne County.

Photo taken by Lisa Y. Henderson, March 2013.

Marshall A. Carter.

ImageMARSHALL ARCHIE CARTER (or, perhaps, Archie or Archibald Marshall Carter, though his initials are shown as “M.C.” above) was born in 1860 to William Carter (1833-ca1875) and Mary Cox Carter (ca1830-??) of Sampson County. His father William was the son of Michael Carter (1805-ca1875) and his wife Patience.  Marshall Carter married Margaret Frances Jacobs.  They are buried in the First Congregational Church, Dudley, Wayne County.

Photo taken by Lisa Y. Henderson, March 2013.

In the 1860 census of Clinton, Sampson County: Wm. Carter, 26, farmer; wife Mary, 34; and children Cornelia, 12, Francenia, 6, Thos. G., 5, Sarah J., 2, and Archibald, 7 months.  Next door: Michael Carter, 57, and wife Patience, 47. All mulatto. [A duplicate listing in Piney Grove, Sampson County: William Carter, 27, turpentine laborer; wife Mary, 27; and children Cornelia, 12, Francenia, 6, Isaaih T., 4, Sarah J., 2, and Archy M., 6 months.]

This death certificate was filed in Wayne County: Marshall Carter. Died 11 July 1922, Dudley, Brogden, Wayne County. Colored. Farmer. Married to Frances Carter. Born 7 July 1860, Duplin County, to William Carter and Mary [last name unknown.] Buried in Dudley. Informant, Milford Carter, Mount Olive NC.

Jesse Jacobs.


JESSE ADAMS JACOBS (1817-1902) was born in Sampson or Cumberland County. His parentage is unclear. Circa 1845, he married Abigail Gilliam, who may have been white. The family lived in the Honeycutts area of Sampson County until the 1880s, when they migrated a few miles north to Dudley, Wayne County. Their children were: James Edward Jacobs, Elizabeth A. Jacobs Maynor, John R. Jacobs, Martha Jacobs, Solomon Jacobs, Jesse Adams Jacobs Jr., Abigail Jane Jacobs Brewington, and Margaret Frances Jacobs Carter.  Jesse is buried in the cemetery of the First Congregational Church in Dudley. “May the resurrection find thee on the bosom of thy God.”

Photo taken by Lisa Y. Henderson, March 2013.

Nathan R. Brewington.

ImageNATHAN R. BREWINGTON, born 1 April 1859 in Sampson County, was the son of Raiford Brewington and Bashaba Manuel Brewington.  He married Abbie Jane Jacobs, daughter of Jesse A. Jacobs and Abigail Gilliam Jacobs, and died 11 December 1910 near Dudley, Wayne County.  He is buried in the Congregational Church cemetery there. “We loved him but Jesus loved him best.”

Photograph taken by Lisa Y. Henderson, 2010.

Free-Issue Death Certificates: JACOBS.

James Edward Jacobs. Died 17 January 1926, Fayetteville, Cross Creek Cumberland County. Indian. Married to Mrs. Margaret Jacobs. Cooper. Age 76. Born in NC to Jessie Jacobs and Abbie Jacobs. Buried Brookside. Informant, Mrs. J.E. Colston.

John Jacobs.  Died 16 June 1922, Dudley, Brogden, Wayne County.  Colored.  Married.  Age about 67. Miller (corn mill.) Born Sampson County to Jesse Jacobs and Abbie (no last name), both of Sampson County. Buried Dudley NC.  Informant, Willie Carter.

Francis Carter.  Died 26 September 1937, Brogden, Wayne County. Colored. Widow of Marshall Carter.  Age 78.  Born Sampson County to Jesse Jacobs and Abbie Strickland, both of Sampson County. Informant, Granger S. Carter.

Abbie Jane Brewington.  Died 16 Jan 1933, Dunn, Harnett County. Colored. Widow of Nathan Brewington. Age 71. Born Sampson County to Jesse Jacobs and Abbie Jane Jacobs, both of Sampson County.  Buried Wilkins cemetery.  Informant, Rena Goodman (daughter), Dunn NC.

Jessie Adam Jacobs. Died 6 July 1926, Wilson, Wilson County at “Col Hospital.”  Colored.  Married to Sarah Jacobs.  Resided 303 Elba Street.  Day laborer, janitor, city schools.  Born 25 December 1863, Sampson County, to Jessie A. Jacobs and Abbie Jacobs, both of Sampson County. Buried Dudley NC. Informant, Sarah Jacobs.

In the 1860 census of Honeycutts, Sampson County: Jesse Jacobs, 43, farmer; wife Abba, 41, and children Edward J., 14, Betsey A., 13, John R., 11, Martha, 8, Solomon, 6, Jesse, 4, and Abba J. Jacobs, 6, plus William, 10, Eliza, 8, and John Jacobs, 6; all mulatto. Jesse reported owning $2884 real property and $816 personal property, making him the wealthiest free person of color in the county.

Jessie Jacobs.  Died 4 March 1914, N. Clinton, Sampson County.  Indian.  (Colored marked through.) Married.  Farmer. Born 9 February 1854, Sampson County, to Arch Jacobs and Tempie Manuel. Buried Honeycutts township.

Enos Jacobs.  Died 5 October, 1925, Honeycutts, Sampson County. Indian Married to Miltildia Jacobs. About 83. Farmer. Born Sampson County to Archie Jacobs of Pender County and Tempie Manuel. Buried New Bethel cemetery. Informant, C.O. Jacobs, Honeycutts.

In the 1860 census of Dismal, Sampson County: Archibal Jacobs, 40; wife Temperance J. Jacobs, 32; and children Enos, 13, Mary J., 11, Jesse, 6, Cathrine, 4, and Sarah C., 8 months.

Lizzie Jacobs Collier. Died 27 Nov 1922, Dudley, Brogden, Wayne County. Colored. Widow of William Collier.  About 59 years old. Born Sampson County to Gabriel Jacobs and Kitsy Manuel, both of Sampson County. Buried Dudley NC. Informant Mrs. Jessie Simmons.

Mary Jacobs.  Died 17 January 1926, Honeycutts, Sampson County. Indian. Widow.  About 91. Born Sampson County to unknown father and Clarkie Barefoot. Buried Brewington graveyard. Informant, Hardie Goodwin.

Fransis Emaline Williams. Born 12 May 1919, Dismal, Sampson County. Croatan Indian. Married. Born 21 December 1861. Farming.  Born Sampson County to Samuel Jacobs of Pender County and Mary Barefoot of Sampson County. Informant, Ransom Williams, Delway NC.

In the 1860 census of Dismal, Sampson County: Samuel Jacobs, 35, turpentine laborer, mulatto. In the 1870 census of Dismal, Sampson County: Samuel Jacob, 50; wife Mary, 35; and children James C., 10, Francis, 7, Martha, 4, and George A., 1.

Mathew J. Jacobs. Died 9 March 1924, N. Clinton, Sampson County. Negro. Married. Farmer. About 70 years old. Born Sampson County to Lewis Jacobs and Marah Jacobs. Buried Goodman cemetery. Informant, Jim Jacobs.

James Jacobs. Died 19 June 1935, Franches Creek, Kelly, Bladen County. Colored. Married to Josephine Royal. Age 75. Farmer. Born Sampson County to Louis Jacobs and unknown mother. Informant, Alfred Fenner, Kelly NC.

Henry Jacobs.  Died 20 March 1927, Halls, Sampson County. Colored. Married to Chillie Ann Goodman. About 65 years old. Farmer. Born Sampson County to Louis Jacobs and unnamed mother. Buried Bradshaw cemetery. Informant, Bill Jacobs.

Martin Jacobs.  Died 24 November 1933, Halls, Sampson County. Colored. Widowed. Age 69. Farmer. Born Sampson County to Lewis Jacobs of Pender County and Maria Jacobs of Sampson County. Informant, Mr. A.C. West, Clinton NC.

In the 1860 census of Dismal, Sampson County: Lewis Jacobs, 33, turpentine laborer; wife Maria, 35; and children Marthew J., 5, Martha A., 3, Athy A., 12, and Celia C., 7; all mulatto.