Jesse & Sarah Henderson Jacobs.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

ImageJESSE ADAMS JACOBS JR. and wife, SARAH HENDERSON JACOBS SILVER.  Jesse was born in 1858 in Sampson County to Jesse A. Jacobs and Abigail Gilliam.  His first wife was Sarah “Sally” Bridgers.  His second wife, depicted above, was born in 1874 in southern Wayne County to Lewis and Margaret Balkcum Henderson.  After Jesse’s death in 1926 in Wilson NC, Sarah married Rev. Joseph Silver (1857-1958) of Enfield, Halifax County.  Sarah died in 1938 in Selma NC.

Sarah’s father, Lewis Henderson, was born in 1836 in Onslow County to James Henderson and an unknown free woman of color whose surname was probably Skipp.  He, his father and siblings migrated to Sampson County in the 1850s and Wayne in the 1860s.  He died near Dudley in 1912.

Original in possession of Lisa Y. Henderson.