Jesse Jacobs.

by Lisa Y. Henderson


JESSE ADAMS JACOBS (1817-1902) was born in Sampson or Cumberland County. His parentage is unclear. Circa 1845, he married Abigail Gilliam, who may have been white. The family lived in the Honeycutts area of Sampson County until the 1880s, when they migrated a few miles north to Dudley, Wayne County. Their children were: James Edward Jacobs, Elizabeth A. Jacobs Maynor, John R. Jacobs, Martha Jacobs, Solomon Jacobs, Jesse Adams Jacobs Jr., Abigail Jane Jacobs Brewington, and Margaret Frances Jacobs Carter.  Jesse is buried in the cemetery of the First Congregational Church in Dudley. “May the resurrection find thee on the bosom of thy God.”

Photo taken by Lisa Y. Henderson, March 2013.