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Historical Documents of Genealogical Interest to Researchers of North Carolina's Free People of Color

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Free-Issue Death Certificates: GREENFIELD.

Budd Greenfield. Died 16 March 1916, Brogden, Wayne County. Age 75. Colored. Single. Common laborer. Born Wayne County to Johnson Greenfield and Harriet Greenfield. Informant, Joe Greenfield.

Joe Ingram Greenfield. Died 22 October 1924, Indian Springs, Wayne County. Colored. Widower. Age 78. Farmer. Born in Wayne County to unknown parents. Informant, Roland Greenfield.

Giles Greenfield. Died 27 August 1927, Indian Springs, Wayne County. Colored. Married to Bitha Greenfield. Farmer. Born April 1850 near Mount Olive to Johnson Greenfield and Hattie Smith Greenfield. Buried Simmons cemetery, Dudley. Informant, John H. Greenfield.

Luther Greenfield. Died 21 April 1934, Indian Springs, Wayne County. Colored. Married to Sarah Greenfield. Age 83. Farmer. Born Wayne County to Johnson Greenfield and Harriet Smith. Informant, B.F. Greenfield.

J.D. Greenfield. Died 17 August 1920, Indian Springs, Wayne County. Colored. Married to Clancy Greenfield. Farmer. Age 68. Born at Indian Springs to Johnson Greenfield and Harriet Smith. Buried Indian Springs. Informant, Miss Lilly Greenfield.

Miss Mary Greenfield. Died 5 January 1932, Indian Springs, Wayne County. Colored. Single. Age 61. Born NC to Johnson Greenfield and Hairrit Smith. Buried Indian Springs. Informant, William Street Greenfield.

George Greenfield. Died 22 August 1929, New Hope, Wayne County. Colored. Widow. Farmer. Age 70. Son of Johnson Greenfield and unknown mother. Buried Pine Level NC. Informant, Willie Mathews.

In the 1850 census of South Side of Neuse River, Wayne County: Jno. Greenfield, 45, hireling, wife Harriet, 30, and children Susan, 12, Bud, 6, Ingram, 2, and Johnston, 4 months. In the 1860 census of Indian Springs, Wayne County: Johnson Greenfield, 52, farmer, wife Harriet, 36, and children Budd, 15, Ingram, 11, Giles, 9, Luther, 6, Dellelo, 4, Mary, 2, George, 2, and Marshal, 4 months.

Bettie Greenfield. Died 18 June 1930, Indian Springs, Wayne County. Age 85. Colored. Widow of Giles Greenfield. Born Wayne County to unknown father and Millie Smith. Buried Simmons cemetery. Informant, Alonzo Greenfield.

Classie Greenfield. Died 16 January 1937, Indian Springs, Wayne County. Age. Colored. Widow of Dello Greenfield. Born in Wayne County to unknown parents. Informant, John Richardson.

In the 1860 census of Buck Swamp, Wayne County: Milly Smith, 45, and children Louisa, 25, Bitha, 15, Frances, 8, Clarissa, 4, Eliza, 5, Isam, 3, and Virginia, 1. 

Pennie Simmons. Died 4 May 1936, South Clinton, Sampson County. Indian. Widow. Age 95. Born in NC to Gray Winn and Sallie Greenfield. Buried in family cemetery. Informant, J.G. Simmons.

Elizabeth Greenfield. Died 12 October 1919, Indian Springs, Wayne County. Colored. Married to J.I. Greenfield. Age 71 years, 9 months, 17 days. Born Wayne County to John Stafford and Annie Brooks. Informant, J.H. Greenfield.



Surname swap, no. 4.

In the 1850 census, South Side of the Neuse, Wayne County: John Stafford, 48, hireling; Hannah Stafford, 45; and Caroline, 9, Boswell, 3, and Betsey Stafford, 6 months.

But in the 1860 census, Indian Springs, Wayne County:  Annis Brooks, 51; children Caroline, 20, Basil, 14, and Elizabeth Brooks, 10; and grandson Hatch Brooks, 2 months.

That Caroline and Basil Brooks were apprenticed in Wayne County in 1853 suggests that their parents were unmarried. W.H. (Willon Hatch) Brooks’ death certificate, filed in Bertie County after his 12 May 1925 death, lists his parents as Wright Casey and Caline Brooks.  However, the death certificates of Roland Greenfield, Harriett Ann Greenfield and Mary Susan Greenfield list their mother’s maiden name as Elizabeth (or Lillie) Stafford and only her son Joe Ingram Greenfield’s lists her as Elizabeth Brooks.

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