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No good feelings for free negroes.

Mary Brooks, a free woman of color was drowned while drunk at one of the wharves at Washington a few days since. Wouldn’t care if all the free negroes in Newbern were drowned. Also a slave, an old man, was drowned in the river near Washington on Sunday last. Sorry for him. Can respect a slave but have no good feelings for free negroes.

Newbern Daily Progress, 23 April 1859.

Free-Issue Death Certificates: MISCELLANEOUS, no. 9.

W.H. (Willon Hatch) Brooks. Died 21 May 1925, Mitchell, Bertie County. Colored. Married. Farmer. Born 29 April 1860 in Wayne County to Wright Casey and Caline Brooks. Informant, Dave Brooks.

In the 1860 census of Indian Springs, Wayne County: Annis Brooks, 51, Caroline, 20, Bassel, 14, Elizabeth, 10, and Hatch, 2 months.

Louisa Davis. Died 23 August 1915, New Hope, Wayne County. Colored. Widow. Born 19 July 1840 in NC to Peter Ward and Milly Smith. Buried New Hope township. Informant, Clarisy Davis, Goldsboro.

Isham Smith. Died 12 February 1914, Fork, Wayne County, Colored. Married. Undertaker. Born North Carolina to unknown parents. Buried in Goldsboro. Informant, W.W. Faison.

In the 1860 census of Buck Swamp, Wayne County: Milly Smith, 45, and children Louisa, 25, Bitha, 15, Frances, 8, Clarissa, 4, Eliza, 5, Isam, 3, and Virginia, 1. [Sidenote: Isham Smith married Nancy Henderson, daughter of James and Louisa Armwood Henderson and sister or half-sister to Lewis and John Henderson and others. Isham and Nancy’s daughter Annie Smith married James Guess, who took over his father-in-law’s undertaking business and operated James Guess Funeral Home into the mid-20th century. — LYH]

Fannie S. Norwood.  Died August 1930, Wilmington, New Hanover County. Resided 520 Walnut. Negro. Widowed. Teacher. Born in 1846 in Wilmington to James D. Sampson of Sampson County and Francinea Kellogg of Wilmington. Buried in Pine Forest. Informant, Mrs. S.E. Merrick, 520 Walnut.

In the 1850 census of Wilmington, New Hanover County: Jas. Sampson, 44, carpenter, wife Fanny, 39, children Jas., 20, Jos., 18, and Benj’a, all apprentices, John, 14, Mary, 12, M.A., 10, George, 8, Fanny, 4, and Nathan, 2.

William Petapher. Died 4 May 1910, New Bern, Craven County. Colored. Married. Shoemaker. Born 1843 to Wright Petapher and unknown mother. Buried Greenwood cemetery. Informant, Rosa Petapher.

Cesero Wiggins. Died [no day] April 1924, New Bern, Craven County. Negro. Carpenter. Resided 24 Crooked.  Widower of Clarncie Wiggins. Born 1860 in New Bern to Wright Pettipher and Sarah Wiggins. Buried at Pettiphords cemetery. Informant Louisa Wiggins.

In the 1860 census of Neuse River, Craven County: Sarah Wiggins, 35, day laborer, Martha, 14, Julia, 12, Sabine, 10, Rebecca, 8, and Cicero, 6.

Theophilus George. Died 26 February 1918, #5, Craven County.  Negro.  Married to Hepsey George. Born 10 July 1850 to Theophilus George and Sarah Harkley. Informant, Oscar Frazier.

Mary F. Carter. Died 27 July 1915, North Harlour, Craven County. Negro. Married. Born 10 April 1863 in Craven County to Lige George and Sarah Fenner, both of Craven County.  Buried Cohogue. Informant, A.V. George.

In the 1860 census of Goodings, Craven County: Elijah George, 50, farmer, wife Sarah, 30, Theophilus, 20, Timothy, 8, Nancy, 10, J.P., 4, and T.J., 2.

Bailey Godette. Died 22 June 1915, No. 5, Craven County. Negro. Married. Farmer. Born 15 May 1861 in North Harlowe to Andrew Godette and Debah George, both of North Harlowe. Buried North Harlowe cemetery. Informant, Debah Jackson, 99 Bern Street.

In the 1860 census of Goodings, Craven County: Andrew Godett, 24, day laborer, Mary F., 27, William B., 6, Nancy, 4, and Sarah A., 3 months.

Free-Issue Death Certificates: GREENFIELD.

Budd Greenfield. Died 16 March 1916, Brogden, Wayne County. Age 75. Colored. Single. Common laborer. Born Wayne County to Johnson Greenfield and Harriet Greenfield. Informant, Joe Greenfield.

Joe Ingram Greenfield. Died 22 October 1924, Indian Springs, Wayne County. Colored. Widower. Age 78. Farmer. Born in Wayne County to unknown parents. Informant, Roland Greenfield.

Giles Greenfield. Died 27 August 1927, Indian Springs, Wayne County. Colored. Married to Bitha Greenfield. Farmer. Born April 1850 near Mount Olive to Johnson Greenfield and Hattie Smith Greenfield. Buried Simmons cemetery, Dudley. Informant, John H. Greenfield.

Luther Greenfield. Died 21 April 1934, Indian Springs, Wayne County. Colored. Married to Sarah Greenfield. Age 83. Farmer. Born Wayne County to Johnson Greenfield and Harriet Smith. Informant, B.F. Greenfield.

J.D. Greenfield. Died 17 August 1920, Indian Springs, Wayne County. Colored. Married to Clancy Greenfield. Farmer. Age 68. Born at Indian Springs to Johnson Greenfield and Harriet Smith. Buried Indian Springs. Informant, Miss Lilly Greenfield.

Miss Mary Greenfield. Died 5 January 1932, Indian Springs, Wayne County. Colored. Single. Age 61. Born NC to Johnson Greenfield and Hairrit Smith. Buried Indian Springs. Informant, William Street Greenfield.

George Greenfield. Died 22 August 1929, New Hope, Wayne County. Colored. Widow. Farmer. Age 70. Son of Johnson Greenfield and unknown mother. Buried Pine Level NC. Informant, Willie Mathews.

In the 1850 census of South Side of Neuse River, Wayne County: Jno. Greenfield, 45, hireling, wife Harriet, 30, and children Susan, 12, Bud, 6, Ingram, 2, and Johnston, 4 months. In the 1860 census of Indian Springs, Wayne County: Johnson Greenfield, 52, farmer, wife Harriet, 36, and children Budd, 15, Ingram, 11, Giles, 9, Luther, 6, Dellelo, 4, Mary, 2, George, 2, and Marshal, 4 months.

Bettie Greenfield. Died 18 June 1930, Indian Springs, Wayne County. Age 85. Colored. Widow of Giles Greenfield. Born Wayne County to unknown father and Millie Smith. Buried Simmons cemetery. Informant, Alonzo Greenfield.

Classie Greenfield. Died 16 January 1937, Indian Springs, Wayne County. Age. Colored. Widow of Dello Greenfield. Born in Wayne County to unknown parents. Informant, John Richardson.

In the 1860 census of Buck Swamp, Wayne County: Milly Smith, 45, and children Louisa, 25, Bitha, 15, Frances, 8, Clarissa, 4, Eliza, 5, Isam, 3, and Virginia, 1. 

Pennie Simmons. Died 4 May 1936, South Clinton, Sampson County. Indian. Widow. Age 95. Born in NC to Gray Winn and Sallie Greenfield. Buried in family cemetery. Informant, J.G. Simmons.

Elizabeth Greenfield. Died 12 October 1919, Indian Springs, Wayne County. Colored. Married to J.I. Greenfield. Age 71 years, 9 months, 17 days. Born Wayne County to John Stafford and Annie Brooks. Informant, J.H. Greenfield.



Where are they now?: No. 20.

T.W. was born in North Carolina in the 1940s. He is descended from the following free people of color, all of Robeson County, unless otherwise noted:

(1) Keziah Brooks [1815-1893]

(2) Hugh Chavis [1807-1862] via Effie Ann Chavis [1827-1917]

(3) Matilda Jones

(4) Mackie Jane Locklear [1845-??]

(5) Richmond Locklear via Anna Eliza Locklear [1840-??]

(6) Thomas Locklear [1780-ca1865] via Thomas Locklear [1828-1892] via Nicholas Locklear (ca1845-??)

(7) William Maynor [1805-ca1880] via Angus Maynor [1832-ca1890] via Jordan Riles Maynor [1860-1941]

(8) Bryant Oxendine [1838-ca1875]

(9) Solomon Oxendine [1831-1897] via Martha Oxendine [1862-??]

(10) Clarissa Sweat [1814-1897]

(11) Emily Terry [1848-1919, Cumberland/Wayne]

(12) Charles Winn [1817-1892, Duplin/Wayne] via William Winn [1835-??, Wayne/Robeson]

(13) Martin Woodell via Patsey Woodell [1837-1880]

(14) Elender Young [1800-ca1865, Duplin/Wayne] via America Young [1820-1900, Duplin/Wayne]

Surname swap, no. 4.

In the 1850 census, South Side of the Neuse, Wayne County: John Stafford, 48, hireling; Hannah Stafford, 45; and Caroline, 9, Boswell, 3, and Betsey Stafford, 6 months.

But in the 1860 census, Indian Springs, Wayne County:  Annis Brooks, 51; children Caroline, 20, Basil, 14, and Elizabeth Brooks, 10; and grandson Hatch Brooks, 2 months.

That Caroline and Basil Brooks were apprenticed in Wayne County in 1853 suggests that their parents were unmarried. W.H. (Willon Hatch) Brooks’ death certificate, filed in Bertie County after his 12 May 1925 death, lists his parents as Wright Casey and Caline Brooks.  However, the death certificates of Roland Greenfield, Harriett Ann Greenfield and Mary Susan Greenfield list their mother’s maiden name as Elizabeth (or Lillie) Stafford and only her son Joe Ingram Greenfield’s lists her as Elizabeth Brooks.

Death Certificates, Register of Deeds Office, Wayne County Courthouse. Federal Population Schedules.

Bright mulatto says he is free.

COMMITTED TO THE JAIL OF WAKE COUNTY, a negro man who says his name is WASHINGTON, and that he belongs to Capt. William Smith, of the 6th regiment N.C.T., and he now resides in Petersburg, Va.  Said boy says that he was put on the cars at Salisbury, N.C., by his master, and by some accident they became separated, and he, the said boy, was taken up and committed as a runaway.

Also, another negro, calling himself HENRY BROOKS; says is free, and that he is from Wayne County, N.C., and was bound to Benj. Herring, of said county, now dead.  Said boy is a bright mulatto, about 27 years old.

Notice is hereby given that the owner or owners come forward, prove property, pay charges, and take them away, or they will be dealt with as the law directs.  W.H. HIGH, Sheriff.  Oct. 14, 1862.

Weekly Standard, Raleigh, 15 October 1862.