Bright mulatto says he is free.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

COMMITTED TO THE JAIL OF WAKE COUNTY, a negro man who says his name is WASHINGTON, and that he belongs to Capt. William Smith, of the 6th regiment N.C.T., and he now resides in Petersburg, Va.  Said boy says that he was put on the cars at Salisbury, N.C., by his master, and by some accident they became separated, and he, the said boy, was taken up and committed as a runaway.

Also, another negro, calling himself HENRY BROOKS; says is free, and that he is from Wayne County, N.C., and was bound to Benj. Herring, of said county, now dead.  Said boy is a bright mulatto, about 27 years old.

Notice is hereby given that the owner or owners come forward, prove property, pay charges, and take them away, or they will be dealt with as the law directs.  W.H. HIGH, Sheriff.  Oct. 14, 1862.

Weekly Standard, Raleigh, 15 October 1862.