Fourth Generation Inclusive

Historical Documents of Genealogical Interest to Researchers of North Carolina's Free People of Color

She probably is with her brother and sister.

TEN DOLLARS REWARD.  Will be paid to any person who will deliver to the subscriber in Georgetown, a mustie SERVANT WOMAN NAMED Nancy Oxindine, she is a stout wench, of a light complexion, and appears to be about 30 years of age; it is uncertain what kind of clothes she may ware as she took a number with her. – It is supposed she has been entic’d away by her brother and sister, who were here in February last – she probably is with one of them: the latter lives in Fayetteville, the former in a distant part of the state. 

The above reward will be paid for her and at the rate of ten dollars for every hundred miles she may be beyond Fayetteville.   JAMES DUFFEL.  Georgetown South Carolina, June 4, 1795

North-Carolina Centinel and Fayetteville Gazette, 25 July 1795.

They took a mule.

John Chavers filed claim #17736 with the Southern Claims Commission.  Chavers, age 72, a farmer, lived in Richmond County near Rockingham.  He was born in Brunswick County. The Union took a mule, corn, bacon and tobacco from him in 1865.

Harrett Jacobs, age about 30, corroborated the theft of Chavers’ property.

Allowed: $145.00.

I begive and bequeath.

I Hardy Laseter of the County of Edgecomb and State of N. Carolina now being of sound mind and memory, but considering the uncertainty of my earthly existence, do make and declare this my Last will and Testament in manner and form following – that is to Say –

First. I give and bequeath unto my son Silas Laseter all that tract of Land where he now Lives known by the name of the Tomlinson tract containing Eighty one acres more or less adjoining the Lands of Benj Sims and I Give and bequeath unto my Sons Mathew Green & Hardy Laseter all my Tract of Land whereon I now Live to be eaqually divided between them.  And it is my will and desire that the said Lands shall be divide in to three equeal Shears & for my son Hardy Laseter to have his shear whereon the House now stand, as the dowery part.  And I begive and bequeath unto my son Silas on sorrel mare by the name of Bony.  And I give unto my son Mathew one Sorril Horse Name Doctor I also give unto my son green one Sorrel Horse one bay mare by the name of bunch.  I Also give unto my daughter treacy fifty dollars in money from the proceeds of my affects

And I give unto my Daughter Penny or her heirs fifty dollars from the proceeds of my affects. I also give unto my Daughter Sally Artice fifty Dollars out of the proceeds of my effects and I Also give unto my Daughter Rachel One feather bed & furniture the one Known as the bed I occupy my self.  And one cow by the name time. And thirty Dollars in Money from the proceeds of my affects.

I Also give unto my Little grand Daughter Elvey Laseter Ten Dollars of the proceeds of my affects And it is my will & desire that all my parishable property to be sold except what I have alredy mentioned in this my Last Will & Testament. And after each one of my Daughters Receiving the amts here set apart for them the Balance to be equally divided between my four Daughters & my Little grand Daughter Elvey according to each ones shear

And I do hereby Constitute and appoint my John W. Farmer my Lawful executor to all my intents and purposes to execute this my Last and Testament according to the true intent and meaning of this [illegible] and every part & Clause thereof, hereby revoking and declareing utterly void all other wills and Testament by men heretofor made in witness I hereto sit my hand and seal this day 9 October 1851. Test William Tomlinson, Josiah Farmer     Hardy X Laseter

Hardy Lassiter’s will was proved at May Term, 1853, of Edgecombe County Court shortly after he died. Wills, Edgecombe County Records, North Carolina State Archives.

In the 1850 census of Edgecombe County: Hardy Laster, 73, wife Beady, and children Mathew and Silas, 26, Green, 25, Hardy, 21, and Rachel, 20.

He had no free papers in his possession.

NOTICE. TAKEN UP AND COMMITTED TO JAIL IN PITTSBORO’, Chatham county, N.C., a Negro Boy, about 23 years old, who says his name is RUFUS ROCHELL, and that he is free boy, and was a bound boy to Robert Jones, of Wake County; but he had no free papers in his possession, and was taken up under suspicion of being a runaway.  Said boy is about 5 feet 8 inches high, heavy set, and very black.  If said boy should be a free boy, and has any friends, they would do well to come forward and let it be known; and if a slave, the owner will come forward and take him away according to law, otherwise said boy will be dealt with as the law directs.  R.B. PASCHAL, Sh’ff.  April 29, 1850.

Weekly Standard, Raleigh, 4 May 1850.

The 1850 census of Saint Matthews, Wake County, shows: (1) white farmer Hillary Thompson, 43, wife Nancy, 43, and children Mary A., 13, and Robert, 6, plus Rufus Rochell, 19, black; and (2) Mary Ivy, 67, Temperance Ivy, 42, Rufus Ivy, 26, Reuben Mitchell, 10, William Terry, 21, all white; and Rufus Rochelle, 16, mulatto.

1 pare of Shew buckles 1 Stone Gug

An Inventory of the Estate of Archebell Artis

7 head of Cattle 1 wooden Dish 1 Fether Bed 3 knives 1 par of Sisers 7 Head of Sheep 1 pare of Shew buckles 1 Stone Gug 1 plow hoe 25 head of hogs 1 pott 1 puter dish 3 Spoons 1 testament 1 meal Sifter 1 Ax 1 Gubing hoes 1 weeding ho 2 warter pails 1 pigen 1 Basket 5 rows of pins one five hundred Slay 1 pair of Cotton Cards 2 Deer Skin 1 Bell.

Johnston County November Court 1782 this Inventory was Exhibited on oath in Open Court by Stephen Powell the Adms’r and admitted to record.  Wm. Ward Clk.


An Account of the Sale of the Estate of Archebell Artis Desed in Specie 10th of December 1782.

Mary Artis – 1 Feather bedd £1.0.6, 1 pot & hooks, 1 pale, 1 peggon, 3 spoons, 3 knives, 1 pr cards & puter dish 1 wooden d’o 1 pair buckles 1 Heffer £5.13.6

Stephen Powell Jr. – 1 ax 1 Testament £1.3.6, 7 head of sheep £9.5.-, 1 cow and yearling £3.5.-, 4 head hogs £2.10.-

Estate Books, Johnston County Records, North Carolina State Archives.

Bright mulatto says he is free.

COMMITTED TO THE JAIL OF WAKE COUNTY, a negro man who says his name is WASHINGTON, and that he belongs to Capt. William Smith, of the 6th regiment N.C.T., and he now resides in Petersburg, Va.  Said boy says that he was put on the cars at Salisbury, N.C., by his master, and by some accident they became separated, and he, the said boy, was taken up and committed as a runaway.

Also, another negro, calling himself HENRY BROOKS; says is free, and that he is from Wayne County, N.C., and was bound to Benj. Herring, of said county, now dead.  Said boy is a bright mulatto, about 27 years old.

Notice is hereby given that the owner or owners come forward, prove property, pay charges, and take them away, or they will be dealt with as the law directs.  W.H. HIGH, Sheriff.  Oct. 14, 1862.

Weekly Standard, Raleigh, 15 October 1862.

Because they were like all other Indians.

State of North Carolina, Edgecomb County   }

In obedience of and order of Court to me Directed to take the Depossition of ann Bridgers in a suit Defending Between Beck plaintiff and Alexander Sessums Defendant the Said Ann Bridgers Deposeth and Sayeth —

I no that the Indian woman that was Called [by] Cristopher Guin I believe was a Indian.

Question 1: What Resons had you to Belive they ware Indians

Answer: because they were Like all Other Indians I ever see hir name was Jenney the Mother of Beck

Question 2: had you any other Reasons to believe they was Indians only by her Looks

Answer: no i had not But her Looks was Sufficient

Question 3: had she Long hair

Answer: yes

Question 4: was she a slave as long as you new her

Answer: yes

Question 5: Did Mr Guin Call them Indians or Slaves

Answer: he Called them his Indians

Question 6: Did you know whether Guing Ever said his wench Jene was Intitled to freedom or not

Answer: No

April 26 Day 1793          Jno. Batts JP


Becke, a Woman of Colour vs. Alexander Sessums  } Citation

The Court has heard & answered the Testimony produced by the plaintiff to Support her claim to her freedom and are of opinion that She is well entitled thereto from the Testimony but not concerning that her case comes up to the Act of Assembly such cases made and provided do therefore determine that they cannot interpose to grant her the relief held out by the said Act and can take nothing by her motion as it now Stands.

Ann Bridgers gave evidence in a suit filed by Beck to obtain her freedom.  Apparently, she did not win it.  These documents are found among unrelated documents in Slave Records, Edgecombe County Miscellaneous Records, North Carolina State Archives.