She probably is with her brother and sister.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

TEN DOLLARS REWARD.  Will be paid to any person who will deliver to the subscriber in Georgetown, a mustie SERVANT WOMAN NAMED Nancy Oxindine, she is a stout wench, of a light complexion, and appears to be about 30 years of age; it is uncertain what kind of clothes she may ware as she took a number with her. – It is supposed she has been entic’d away by her brother and sister, who were here in February last – she probably is with one of them: the latter lives in Fayetteville, the former in a distant part of the state. 

The above reward will be paid for her and at the rate of ten dollars for every hundred miles she may be beyond Fayetteville.   JAMES DUFFEL.  Georgetown South Carolina, June 4, 1795

North-Carolina Centinel and Fayetteville Gazette, 25 July 1795.