Because they were like all other Indians.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

State of North Carolina, Edgecomb County   }

In obedience of and order of Court to me Directed to take the Depossition of ann Bridgers in a suit Defending Between Beck plaintiff and Alexander Sessums Defendant the Said Ann Bridgers Deposeth and Sayeth —

I no that the Indian woman that was Called [by] Cristopher Guin I believe was a Indian.

Question 1: What Resons had you to Belive they ware Indians

Answer: because they were Like all Other Indians I ever see hir name was Jenney the Mother of Beck

Question 2: had you any other Reasons to believe they was Indians only by her Looks

Answer: no i had not But her Looks was Sufficient

Question 3: had she Long hair

Answer: yes

Question 4: was she a slave as long as you new her

Answer: yes

Question 5: Did Mr Guin Call them Indians or Slaves

Answer: he Called them his Indians

Question 6: Did you know whether Guing Ever said his wench Jene was Intitled to freedom or not

Answer: No

April 26 Day 1793          Jno. Batts JP


Becke, a Woman of Colour vs. Alexander Sessums  } Citation

The Court has heard & answered the Testimony produced by the plaintiff to Support her claim to her freedom and are of opinion that She is well entitled thereto from the Testimony but not concerning that her case comes up to the Act of Assembly such cases made and provided do therefore determine that they cannot interpose to grant her the relief held out by the said Act and can take nothing by her motion as it now Stands.

Ann Bridgers gave evidence in a suit filed by Beck to obtain her freedom.  Apparently, she did not win it.  These documents are found among unrelated documents in Slave Records, Edgecombe County Miscellaneous Records, North Carolina State Archives.