Voter Registration under the Grandfather Clause: Sampson County.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Public Laws of North Carolina, 1899, chapter 218.

(Sec. 4.) Every person presenting himself for registration shall be able to read and write any section of the constitution in the English language and before he shall be entitled to vote he shall have paid on or before the first day of March of the year in which he proposes to vote his poll tax as prescribed by law for the previous year. Poll taxes shall be a lien only on assessed property and no process shall issue to enforce the collection of the same except against assessed property.

(Sec. 5.) No male person who was on January one, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, or at any time prior thereto entitled to vote under the laws of any states in the United States wherein he then resided, and no lineal descendant of any such person, shall be denied the right to register and vote at any election in this state by reason of his failure to possess the educational qualification prescribed in section four of this article….

The following colored men registered to vote in Sampson County in 1902-06.  In accordance with Section 5, each was required to name the ancestor who “grandfathered” him in:

C.H. Brewington, 63, Dismal township, Johnson Brewington.

In 1850 Northern District, Sampson, Johnson Brewington, 45, house carpenter;  wife Nancy, 23; and children Charles, 6, John, 4, Johnson, 2, and James, 2 months; all mulatto.  In 1860, Northern Division: Johnson Bruington, 50, cooper; wife Nancy, 45; and children Young, 12, Charles, 13, Johnson, 12, Andrew, 9, Mary, 8, Elizabeth, 7, William, 6, Alexandria, 5, Matilda, 3, and Adolphus, 1; all mulatto.

Matthew Burnett, 24, Dismal, Matthew Burnett.

In the 1850 census of Fayetteville, Cumberland County: Arch’d Burnet, 55, laborer, wife Lucinda, 39, and children Matthew, 9, Alex’d, 6, Susan, 2, and Henrietta, 14; all mulatto.

Enoch Manuel, Dismal, Michel Manuel.

Jonah Manuel, Dismal, Michel Manuel.

Enoch Manuel Jr., Dismal, Michel Manuel.

In the 1850 census of Northern District, Sampson County: Michael Manuel, 63, cooper; wife Fereby, 49; and children Gideon, 19, Cintilla, 16, Drusilla, 15, Michael, 13, Eden, 11, John, 9, William, 7, Enoch, 4, and Nancy, 1; all described as mulatto.

Hardy Brewington, 56, Herrings, himself.

Matthew L. Brewington, 30, Herrings, Hardy Brewington.

John A. Brewington, 25, Honeycutts, Hardy A. Brewington.

C.D. Brewington, 21, Herrings, Raiford Brewington.

George B. Brewington, 22, Herrings, Raiford Brewington.

James A. Brewington, 37, Honeycutts, unnamed.

In the 1850 census of Northern District, Sampson County: Raiford Brewington, 38, cooper; wife Barsheba, 33; and children Nancy, 13, Thomas, 10, Lucy, 9, Ann, 7, James, 5, Hardy, 3, Joshua, 2, and Raiford, 2 months; plus Hardy Manuel, 17; all mulatto.

Lofton Goodman, 71, Herrings, himself.

James Goodman, 24, Herrings, Lofton Goodman.

John R. Goodman, 36, Herrings, Lofton Goodman.

Rubin Goodman, 56, Herrings, Timothy Goodman.

Jonathan Goodman, 64, Honeycutts, Timothy Goodman.

In the 1850 census of the Northern District of Sampson County: Timothy Goodman, 43, “turpentine”; wife Nancy, 37; and children John, 17, laborer, Lofton, 16, laborer, Jonathan, 10, Anna, 9, Reuben, 6, Timothy, 3, Matilda, 6 months; all mulatto.

Henry Hardin, 53, Herrings, Amos Hardin.

In the 1850 census of the Northern District of Sampson County: Amos Hardin, 36, cooper; wife Cassey, 33; and children John, 10, Abel, 6, Mary, 5, Martha, 4, and Frances, 2; all mulatto. In 1860, Honeycutts, Sampson: Amos Hardin, 47, wheelright; wife Cassia, 40; and children John, 22, day laborer, Abel, 17, day laborer, Mary, 12, Patsey, 10, Francis, 8, Henry, 7, and Sarah, 5; all mulatto.

Owen H. Jacob, 58, Herrings, John Jacob.

Jno. R. Jacobs, 23, Herrings, Owen H. Jacobs.

William A. Jacobs, 21, Herrings, Ewens Jacobs.

Alvin Jacob, 23, Herrings, Tull Jacob.

Jno. Robert Jacobs, 23, Herrings, John Tull Jacobs.

Albert Jacobs, 29, Herrings, Tull Jacobs.

Robert H. Jacob, 51, Herrings, Robert Jacob.

In the 1850 census of New Hanover County: Betsey Jacobs, 47, and Tull, 12, Rachell, 10, and Owen H. Jacobs, 7; all mulatto.

Enous Jacob, 57, Herrings, himself.

Enos Jacobs. Died 5 October 1925, Honeycutts, Sampson County. Indian. Married to Miltildia Jacobs. Age about 83. Farmer. Born Sampson County to Archie Jacobs of Pender County and Tempie Manuel. Buried New Bethel cemetery. Informant, C.O. Jacobs.

Charley G. Jacob, 21, Herrings, Enous Jacob.

The. O. Jacob, 34, Herrings, Enous Jacob.

D.O. Jacob, 28, Herrings, Enous Jacob.

Henry Jacobs, 28, Herrings, Archie Jacobs.

Jessie A.B. Jacobs, 54, Herrings, Archie Jacobs.

In the 1860 census of Dismal, Sampson County: Archibal Jacobs, 40, cooper; wife Temperance J., 32; and children Enos, 13, Mary J., 11, Jesse, 6, Cathrine, 4, and Sarah C., 8 months; all mulatto.

John R. Jones, 35, Herrings, Jim Winn.

Thomas Jones, 27, Herrings, Jim Winn.

In the 1850 census of the Northern District of Sampson County: James Winn, 33, farmer, Buckner L. Bryan, 14, Zachariah Bryan, 13, and Owen Armwood, 24, laborer; all mulatto.

Jas. S. Strickland, 67, Herrings, himself.

In the 1860 census of Honeycutts, Sampson County: Raiford Brewington, 48; wife Basheba, 45; and children Thomas, 21, Ann E., 17, James, 15, Hardy, 13, Joshua, 11, Raiford, 9, Simon P., 8, Polla A., 6, Allen B., 4, and Nathan Brewington, 1; with James S. Stricklands, 21, and Lucy A. Stricklands, 20; all mulatto.

Elections Records, Sampson County Records, North Carolina State Archives.