An acquittal. A conviction.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Raleigh, Oct. 10 – The Superior Court for this County adjourned on Saturday. On Friday, Trueman Goode, a free man of colour, was tried for the murder of Jacob, slave, the property of Wm. Daniel; but it appearing from the testimony, that he killed the deceased in self-defence, he was acquitted.

On the same day, Frederick Matthews, a free man of colour, indicted for an assault on John Gragson, a white man, with intent to kill, was tried and convicted of the charge. He was sentenced to remain in Jail until our next County Court, on the first two days of which he is to stand in the public Stocks for one hour; to be recommitted until the 15th of January, to pay the costs of the prosecution, and to give security for the preservation of the peace for eighteen months.

Free Press, Tarboro, 17 October 1826.