Craven County Apprentices, 1812.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

On 20 April 1812, “Mr. George Cooper, Take notice that a motion will be made at the next term of Craven County Court to discharge Martin George from his apprenticeship to you.”

On 8 June 1812, Harriot Cully, 6, was bound to John J. McLin as a spinster and Adam Cully, 3, as a cooper.

On 8 June 1812, Jacob Carter, aged 18 years last September, was bound to Isaac Perkins as a cooper.

On 8 June 1812, Rufus Chance, aged 2 years last February, and Ezekiel Chance, aged 16 years last December, bound to William Dove as coopers.

On 8 June 1812, John Chadwick, aged 15 years last September, was bound to Robert Hay and Thomas Youle as a chair maker.

On 9 June 1812, Martin George, 11, bound to John Marchment as a blacksmith.

On 10 June 1812, orphans Manuel Dowdy, Henry Dowdy, and William Dowdy were presented to the grand jury.

On 10 September 1812, Cassa Davis, 6, was bound to Elizabeth Cannon as a spinster.

On 15 December 1812, Henry [no last name], 2, and Washington, [no last name], 4, were bound to Thomas Fulshire as shipbuilders.

On 18 December 1812, Farro Lewis, 18, was bound to Gabriel M. Rains as a cabinetmaker.