Fourth Generation Inclusive

Historical Documents of Genealogical Interest to Researchers of North Carolina's Free People of Color

He lives with a free colored woman.

Fifty Dollars Reward. For negro SHADRACK, who ran away from me in August last, 1823; he is twenty-six years old, five feet six or seven inches high, dark complexion, and has a sulky appearance. He was raised by Mathew C. Whitaker, Esq. deceased, of Halifax county; his parents belong to Henry Mason, Esq. and his wife belongs to the heirs of Benjamin Harriss, deceased, and at this time lives with a free colored woman, one mile and a half from Halifax town, on the main road leading from thence to Enfield. I will give the above reward for him delivered to me in Warren county, three miles south of Warrenton, on the stage-road, or confined in Halifax jail so that I get him. All persons are forewarned from hiring or harboring said boy. Rob. Ransom. Greenwood, Aug. 16, 1824.

Free Press, Halifax, 17 September 1824.

An acquittal. A conviction.

Raleigh, Oct. 10 – The Superior Court for this County adjourned on Saturday. On Friday, Trueman Goode, a free man of colour, was tried for the murder of Jacob, slave, the property of Wm. Daniel; but it appearing from the testimony, that he killed the deceased in self-defence, he was acquitted.

On the same day, Frederick Matthews, a free man of colour, indicted for an assault on John Gragson, a white man, with intent to kill, was tried and convicted of the charge. He was sentenced to remain in Jail until our next County Court, on the first two days of which he is to stand in the public Stocks for one hour; to be recommitted until the 15th of January, to pay the costs of the prosecution, and to give security for the preservation of the peace for eighteen months.

Free Press, Tarboro, 17 October 1826.

Craven County Apprentices, 1812.

On 20 April 1812, “Mr. George Cooper, Take notice that a motion will be made at the next term of Craven County Court to discharge Martin George from his apprenticeship to you.”

On 8 June 1812, Harriot Cully, 6, was bound to John J. McLin as a spinster and Adam Cully, 3, as a cooper.

On 8 June 1812, Jacob Carter, aged 18 years last September, was bound to Isaac Perkins as a cooper.

On 8 June 1812, Rufus Chance, aged 2 years last February, and Ezekiel Chance, aged 16 years last December, bound to William Dove as coopers.

On 8 June 1812, John Chadwick, aged 15 years last September, was bound to Robert Hay and Thomas Youle as a chair maker.

On 9 June 1812, Martin George, 11, bound to John Marchment as a blacksmith.

On 10 June 1812, orphans Manuel Dowdy, Henry Dowdy, and William Dowdy were presented to the grand jury.

On 10 September 1812, Cassa Davis, 6, was bound to Elizabeth Cannon as a spinster.

On 15 December 1812, Henry [no last name], 2, and Washington, [no last name], 4, were bound to Thomas Fulshire as shipbuilders.

On 18 December 1812, Farro Lewis, 18, was bound to Gabriel M. Rains as a cabinetmaker.

License to carry a shotgun.

Ordered by the Court that the following Free Persons of Colour be granted license to carry a shotgun for twelve months next ensuing viz:  Jordan Locklayer, Fed Wilkins, Willie Jones, Jesse Richardson, William Jones, Gideon Richardson, John Smith, Reasa Richardson, Frederick Haithcock, Lem’l Morgan, Aaron Locklayer, Simon Purner, Nicholas Richardson, Richard Conn, Julius Flood, David Reynolds, Robert Mitchum, Ellick Jones, Hardy Richardson, Herrod Scott, Norman Scott

Docket, August Term 1848, Court Records, Halifax County Records, North Carolina State Archives.

An act to emancipate Sally Zimmerman.

An Act to emancipate Sally Zimmerman, a slave belonging to the estate of Andrew Caldcleugh, deceased, late of Rowan County.

Whereas the said Andrew Caldcleugh, in and by his last will, did devise that a female slave, called and known by the name of Sally Zimmerman, a child of tender years, should be emancipated and set free; and whereas the executors of the said Andrew Caldcleugh, by and with the consent of the heirs at law, and residuary legatee of the said Andrew Caldcleugh, have petitioned this General Assembly to carry the will of the said Andrew into effect as it relates to the said slave:

Therefore be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That from and after the ratification of this act, the said slave Sally shall be, and hereby is emancipated, and set free from slavery, fully and absolutely, and shall be called and known by the name of Sally Zimmerman.

Ratified three times and ratified in General Assembly, this 31st day of Dec. 1823

A. Moore, S.H.C.

B. Yancey, S.S.

A true Copy, Wm. Hill, Secretary

Chapter CLXVI, Public and Private Laws of North Carolina Passed by the General Assembly 1823-26, North Carolina State Library.

In the 1850 census of Northern Division, Davidson County: Sarah Zimmerman, 31, living alone. She reported owning $600 in real property.