He lives with a free colored woman.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Fifty Dollars Reward. For negro SHADRACK, who ran away from me in August last, 1823; he is twenty-six years old, five feet six or seven inches high, dark complexion, and has a sulky appearance. He was raised by Mathew C. Whitaker, Esq. deceased, of Halifax county; his parents belong to Henry Mason, Esq. and his wife belongs to the heirs of Benjamin Harriss, deceased, and at this time lives with a free colored woman, one mile and a half from Halifax town, on the main road leading from thence to Enfield. I will give the above reward for him delivered to me in Warren county, three miles south of Warrenton, on the stage-road, or confined in Halifax jail so that I get him. All persons are forewarned from hiring or harboring said boy. Rob. Ransom. Greenwood, Aug. 16, 1824.

Free Press, Halifax, 17 September 1824.