Still fully able of taking care of himself.

by Lisa Y. Henderson


When Writ of Ejectment Was Secured in Math Locklier in Robeson, He Answered by Pulling His Gun.

Maxton, May 18. – Tuesday Deputy Sheriff W.W. Smith, in company with James A. Shaw, W.O. Burns and G.H. McCallum went out about five miles in the country from Maxton to serve a writ of ejectment on Math Locklier, a Croatan Indian. Math is over 80 years of age but still active and well preserved and fully capable of taking care of himself against all comers, resisted the writ and pulled his gun on the visitors. All departed deciding the climate was not good for their health in that immediate vicinity.

Greensboro Daily News, 10 May 1912.

In the 1850 census of Upper Division, Robeson County: Richmond Locklier, 48, farmer, wife Nancy, 39, Angus, 24, Alex, 18, Joe, 14, Pheny,12, Amy, 10, Artemas, 8, Barnaba, 6, Malachi, 2, Betsy, 2, Alamander, 1, and Mathew, 12; all mulatto.