Says he bought them from a free colored person.

by Lisa Y. Henderson


Discovery. – The Jailer in this place, Col. John M. Logan, informed us yesterday, that he had found in possession of a negro slave from Anson county, four keys, two of which were found to belong to the United States’ Mail, and to open it as easily as the key employed for that purpose in the post office at this place.

The said negro was apprehended and confined to prison here about four months ago; and owing to his dexterity at concealment, the keys had never been found in his possession before. He says he bought them, together with two or three locks, from a free coloured person living with John Rushall on Round creek, in Anson county. This statement relative to the manner in which he obtained the keys, is thought not to be entitled to credit, as one of the other keys was a large one, with which he had probably opened some person’s storehouse, and purloined the mail keys, and three $5 bills on the Cheraw bank which were found in his possession at the time of his apprehension.

Miners’ and Farmers’ Journal, Charlotte, 21 April 1831.