I think they will aim for Washington or New Bern.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Ten Dollars Reward.

Ranaway form the Subscriber on Sunday, the 19th instant. A bright Mulatto Man named Mark. About 42 or 42 years of age, five feet 10 or 11 inches high; straight and stout built; a good countenance; a film coming on his left eye – had two or three pair of homespun Jackets and Trowsers, some of them filled with wool and dyed purple. He went off with a free mulatto woman by the name of Dill Moore, who has a free pass, and I expect she has procured one for him also. I think they will aim for Washington or Newbern, for the purpose of obtaining a passage on board some vessel bound for a Northern port. Should Dill Moore take a passage for herself only, she probably may have the man put on board privately. The above reward will be paid to any person who will deliver the said Mark to me, or secure him in any prison so that I can get him again.

Masters of vessels and all other persons, are hereby forbid to harbor, employ or carry off the said Mark, as I will prosecute with vigour the person so offending.  JAMES HANRAHAN. Washington’s Ferry, Pitt County. April 25, 1829.

North Carolina Sentinel, New Bern, 13 June 1829.