They emigrated for safety.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

A company of sixty free negroes from North Carolina, arrived at Baltimore on Wednesday, who are emigrating to Ohio for safety.

The National Republican, Washington DC, 2 February 1861.


FREE NEGROES ON THE WING. – On Wednesday last, sixty-three free negroes from Edgecourt [sic] county, North Carolina, crossed the Ohio river at Bellaire on their way to Zanesville. An old negro acted as leader of the party, holding the tickets, disbursing funds, etc.

Daily Dispatch, Richmond VA, 7 Feb 1861.



Sixty-three free negroes from North Carolina arrived at Zanesville on Thursday. They were from Edgecomb county, and had been ordered to leave by the whites of that section.

Fremont Journal, Fremont OH, 8 February 1861.