Axey Jane Manuel Simmons.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

ImageAXEY (or FLAXEY) JANE MANUEL SIMMONS (1823-1885) was probably born in Sampson County.  She married George Washington Simmons circa 1840. Their children were: Riley B. Simmons, Susannah Simmons, Simon Simmons, George Robert Simmons, Zachariah T. Simmons, Sylvania Simmons Sutton, Bryant Simmons, Hillary B. Simmons and General W. Simmons. She is buried in the First Congregational Church cemetery in Dudley, Wayne County.

Photo taken by Lisa Y. Henderson, March 2013.

[N.B.: She is called Axey (or some alternate spelling thereof) in every census record and on sons Riley and Zachariah’s death certificates, but Flaxy (or something similiar) on her headstone and the death certs of three other sons. — LYH]