Sarah “Sallie” Greenfield Winn.

by Lisa Y. Henderson


SARAH GREENFIELD WINN was born about 1820, probably in southeast Wayne County.  She married Gray Winn about 1835 and was widowed in 1850.  Their children were Elizabeth Winn Simmons, Edward James Winn, Eliza Winn, Penny Winn Simmons, Ally Winn and Washington Francis Winn. She died in 1909 and is buried near her son Edward in a small family graveyard near Dudley in Wayne County.

Photograph by Lisa Y. Henderson, March 2013.

In the 1850 census of South Side of the Neuse, Wayne County: Sally Winn, 30, and children Betsey, 14, Edw’d J., 12, Eliza, 10, Penny, 6, Ally, 4, and Washington, 1.