An act to emancipate Betty.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

An Act to emancipate Betty, a slave

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That Betty, a slave, the property of Joshua Carman, of Cumberland county, be, and she is hereby emancipated and set free by the consent and at the request of her master, and by the name of Betty Barbee, shall possess and exercise all the rights and privileges of other free persons of color in this State: Provided, nevertheless, that before this act of emancipation shall take effect, the owner of said slave Betty, or some person for him, shall file in the clerk’s office of the court of pleas and quarter sessions of Cumberland county, a bond with good security, in the sum of five hundred dollars, payable to the Governor of the State and his successors in office, that the said Betty shall demean herself correctly while she remains in the State and not become a county charge, which bond may be put in suit in the name of the Governor for the time being, to the use of the county or person injured by a breach of its condition: Provided, that she do not reside out of the county aforesaid, more than thirty days at any time; also that she give bond in such an amount as will be approved of by the county court, that she will not become a public charge. [Ratified the 14th day of February, 1855]

Chapter 108, Private Laws of North Carolina Passed by the General Assembly 1854-55, State Library of North Carolina.