He does all he can to keep me in slavery.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

The Petition of negro man Dick Dingley to the worshipfull County Court of Chowan humbley sheweth that a certain Ichabod Jordan of the county aforesaid Redeem’d the said Petitioner of Mr. James Legett on Ronake for the Consideration of ninty five pounds & then the Said Petitioner made a bargain with Said Ichabod Jordan before witness that if the Said Petitioner was to be a full Liberty as will more fully appear the said Petitioner has paid Said Jordan his full Demand and Since that the Said Jordan has Let him have his Liberty for three years as agreed but so it is that of Late the Said Jordan has renewed his Clame & has most Cruely Beaten your Petitioner and does all he Can to keep him the Said Petitioner in Slavery this therefore is Humbley to pray your worships that as your Petitioner is without redress only through your worships that you will be please to Confirm the above bargain & Redress your Said Petitioner & as in duty Bound Shall Ever Pray.       Dick Dingle  March 8th 1798

Miscellaneous Slave Records, Chowan County Records, North Carolina State Archives.