Free-Issue Death Certificates: MISCELLANEOUS, no. 10.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

James Francis. Died 21 September 1941, Dysartville, McDowell County. Colored. Widower. Farmer. Born 15 November 1856, McDowell County, to Austin Francis and Mary Owens.

Biddie Jackson. Died 17 October 1955, Gassy Creek, Mitchell County. Negro. Widowed. Resided Spruce Pine, Mitchell County. Born 9 February 1850 to Austin Francis and Mary Owens. Buried family cemetery. Informant, Mrs. Claude Ray, Spruce Pine.

In the 1860 census of McDowell County: Austin Francis, 49, miner, wife Mary, 48, and children Rachel, 16, William, 12, Jane, 10, Elizabeth, 7, and James, 5.

Mattie Owens Johnson. Died 18 June 1930, Bracketts, McDowell County. Colored. Widow of Henry Johnson. Born about 1854, McDowell County, to Bill Owens and Lucinda Mathews. Informant, George Owens.

Joseph Owens. Died 20 November 1923, Brackett, Vein Mountain, McDowell County. Resided Vein Mountain. Colored. Widower of Martha Payne. Born 14 Jan 1839, Vein Mountain, McDowell County, to William M. Owens and [blank] Mathis. Buried Bracket Town Colored Cemetery. Informant, S.R. Soxan.

In the 1860 census of McDowell County: William Owens, 45, miner, wife Loucinda, 46, and children Joseph, 19, Edward, 17, Jane, 15, James, 13, William, 11, Thomas, 8, Martha, 6, and Rachel Owens, 1, plus Isaac Herdy, 10, Washington Wilson, 10, William Daniel, 14, and Sarah Johnson, 50.