Fourth Generation Inclusive

Historical Documents of Genealogical Interest to Researchers of North Carolina's Free People of Color

Seize and retake the prisoners.


TO ALL SHERIFFS, BAILIFFS and CONSTABLES within the State aforesaid

Whereas JAMES R. BENT, Sheriff of the County of Chowan, hath complained on oath, before me, HENRY FLURY, ESQ., one of the Justices of the County, aforesaid, that on the night of the 17th of the present month, the following persons broke and escaped from the prison of our County of Chowan, to wit:

LEON CABARRUS — a mulatto committed to the Jail of said County upon a charge of having broken open the Shop of JOSEPH F. FARIBAULT in the night time, and stealing, taking and carrying away divers articles of Jewelry and JOHN HOLLEY, committed to the prison aforesaid, by virtue of a peace warrant. — These are therefore to command you and every of you in your respective counties and precincts, to seize and retake such prisoners so escaped and going at large, and being so taken, forthwith convey, to the prison of the County where such retaking shall be, there to be kept in safe custody until he or she be thence discharged by due course of law. — Given under my hand and seal, at Edenton, the 19th of August, A.D., 1820.    HENRY FLURY (Seal)

Edenton Gazette, 21 August 1820.

Sentenced to be hung.

J. NEWTON FLOYD, whose trial had been removed from Gaston County to Mecklenburg County, was convicted last week in the latter County’s Superior Court of murdering RICHARD MARTIN, a free Negro, and sentenced to be hung on the 10th of June next. An appeal on his behalf was taken to the Supreme Court.

North Carolina Argus, May 26, 1859.

She purchased her daughter that she might give her freedom.

State of North Carolina, Craven County   } September Term

In the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Ninety six, To the Worshipfull the Justices of the County Court of Common Pleas and Quarter Sessions held in and for the said County September Term A.D. 1796

The petition of Amelia Green of this said County and Town of Newbern humbly sheweth to your Worships, that She now is and for several years past has been a free woman, that She is the mother of a large family of Children all of whom except two daughters have been enabled as the fruits of their own industry and meritorious behaviour to acquire their freedom, Your petitioner further sheweth, that one of those two daughters not yet made free a mulatto of the name of Princess and about the age of Sixteen, was late the property of Isabella Chapman of New Hanover County in s’d State by the will of Ann Shaw, But that your petitioner (being induced thereto by her maternal affection toward her, and a desire to see all her family on the same footing) with much toil and industry, has succeeded to raise a sum of money sufficient to purchase the said Princess her daughter from the said Isabbella Chapman and has there with actually purchased by fair bill of sale which She prays may be taken as part of her petition, the said Princess your Petitioner daughter. Your petitioners sole motive to this expense was that She might give freedom to her said daughter, Your petitioner further begs leave to Inform your Worships that she is now far advanced in life that she feels the infirmities of age growing upon her, and contemplates the awfull event of Death as at no very distant period, an event (which, unless the goodness of your worships prevent) might frustrate the pious intentions of your petitioner toward her daughter and disappoint her of the reward  of her labour. Your petitioner presumes to say with Confidance on behalf of Princess that she is a good Girl, a Good daughter, that, she possesses mild and peacefull disposition and industrious habits, which your petitioner will as is required make appear. Taking the premises therefor under your consideration, Your petitioner prays that your Worships would please to grant her a licence to set free and emancipate her said daughter the said Princess. And your petitioner as in duty bound shall every pray &ca.  Amelia X Green

Signed in presence of Edward Graham.


Records of Slaves and Free Persons of Color, Craven County Records, North Carolina State Archives.

The runaway’s father is an Indian in Virginia.

Fifty Dollars Reward. RANAWAY from the subscriber, on the 10th inst. without a fault, a Negro Man named DAVE, about 32 years of age, is about 5 feet 7 or 8 inches high, slender made, yellow complexion, down look when spoken to, speaks not very quick when spoken to; has not got good eyes, on account of having wild hairs in them at times. It is probabl Dave will try to pass for a free man; he has travelled a good deal with the wagon in different parts of this state and Virginia, and don’t lack for want of sense. I have been told that he has gone to Virginia; and that his father lives in Meherrin, Va. near Gholson’s Bridge. His father, I have been told, is of Indian descent, and is a free man; his name is said to be Kinchen Tucker; and he will no doubt conceal him, should Dave get there. When he went away he had good clothes, and dressed equal to any serveant; he had a new fur hat on, and forty or fifty dollars in cash, about forty of which was in specie. I purchased him of a Mr Ross Hutcheson, living within six miles of me, a man who raised him. I will give the above reward if taken out of the state, and if taken in the state, twenty-five dollars if put in any jail so that I get ho again. – Should said negro man Dave be taken up information can be given to me by letter, addressed to Hillsborough, or to Pleasant Grove, Orange county, N.C.    JOHN B. VINCENT. August 23.

Raleigh Register and North Carolina Weekly Advertiser, 2 September 1825.

Free-Issue Death Certificates: GREENFIELD.

Budd Greenfield. Died 16 March 1916, Brogden, Wayne County. Age 75. Colored. Single. Common laborer. Born Wayne County to Johnson Greenfield and Harriet Greenfield. Informant, Joe Greenfield.

Joe Ingram Greenfield. Died 22 October 1924, Indian Springs, Wayne County. Colored. Widower. Age 78. Farmer. Born in Wayne County to unknown parents. Informant, Roland Greenfield.

Giles Greenfield. Died 27 August 1927, Indian Springs, Wayne County. Colored. Married to Bitha Greenfield. Farmer. Born April 1850 near Mount Olive to Johnson Greenfield and Hattie Smith Greenfield. Buried Simmons cemetery, Dudley. Informant, John H. Greenfield.

Luther Greenfield. Died 21 April 1934, Indian Springs, Wayne County. Colored. Married to Sarah Greenfield. Age 83. Farmer. Born Wayne County to Johnson Greenfield and Harriet Smith. Informant, B.F. Greenfield.

J.D. Greenfield. Died 17 August 1920, Indian Springs, Wayne County. Colored. Married to Clancy Greenfield. Farmer. Age 68. Born at Indian Springs to Johnson Greenfield and Harriet Smith. Buried Indian Springs. Informant, Miss Lilly Greenfield.

Miss Mary Greenfield. Died 5 January 1932, Indian Springs, Wayne County. Colored. Single. Age 61. Born NC to Johnson Greenfield and Hairrit Smith. Buried Indian Springs. Informant, William Street Greenfield.

George Greenfield. Died 22 August 1929, New Hope, Wayne County. Colored. Widow. Farmer. Age 70. Son of Johnson Greenfield and unknown mother. Buried Pine Level NC. Informant, Willie Mathews.

In the 1850 census of South Side of Neuse River, Wayne County: Jno. Greenfield, 45, hireling, wife Harriet, 30, and children Susan, 12, Bud, 6, Ingram, 2, and Johnston, 4 months. In the 1860 census of Indian Springs, Wayne County: Johnson Greenfield, 52, farmer, wife Harriet, 36, and children Budd, 15, Ingram, 11, Giles, 9, Luther, 6, Dellelo, 4, Mary, 2, George, 2, and Marshal, 4 months.

Bettie Greenfield. Died 18 June 1930, Indian Springs, Wayne County. Age 85. Colored. Widow of Giles Greenfield. Born Wayne County to unknown father and Millie Smith. Buried Simmons cemetery. Informant, Alonzo Greenfield.

Classie Greenfield. Died 16 January 1937, Indian Springs, Wayne County. Age. Colored. Widow of Dello Greenfield. Born in Wayne County to unknown parents. Informant, John Richardson.

In the 1860 census of Buck Swamp, Wayne County: Milly Smith, 45, and children Louisa, 25, Bitha, 15, Frances, 8, Clarissa, 4, Eliza, 5, Isam, 3, and Virginia, 1. 

Pennie Simmons. Died 4 May 1936, South Clinton, Sampson County. Indian. Widow. Age 95. Born in NC to Gray Winn and Sallie Greenfield. Buried in family cemetery. Informant, J.G. Simmons.

Elizabeth Greenfield. Died 12 October 1919, Indian Springs, Wayne County. Colored. Married to J.I. Greenfield. Age 71 years, 9 months, 17 days. Born Wayne County to John Stafford and Annie Brooks. Informant, J.H. Greenfield.