The runaway’s father is an Indian in Virginia.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Fifty Dollars Reward. RANAWAY from the subscriber, on the 10th inst. without a fault, a Negro Man named DAVE, about 32 years of age, is about 5 feet 7 or 8 inches high, slender made, yellow complexion, down look when spoken to, speaks not very quick when spoken to; has not got good eyes, on account of having wild hairs in them at times. It is probabl Dave will try to pass for a free man; he has travelled a good deal with the wagon in different parts of this state and Virginia, and don’t lack for want of sense. I have been told that he has gone to Virginia; and that his father lives in Meherrin, Va. near Gholson’s Bridge. His father, I have been told, is of Indian descent, and is a free man; his name is said to be Kinchen Tucker; and he will no doubt conceal him, should Dave get there. When he went away he had good clothes, and dressed equal to any serveant; he had a new fur hat on, and forty or fifty dollars in cash, about forty of which was in specie. I purchased him of a Mr Ross Hutcheson, living within six miles of me, a man who raised him. I will give the above reward if taken out of the state, and if taken in the state, twenty-five dollars if put in any jail so that I get ho again. – Should said negro man Dave be taken up information can be given to me by letter, addressed to Hillsborough, or to Pleasant Grove, Orange county, N.C.    JOHN B. VINCENT. August 23.

Raleigh Register and North Carolina Weekly Advertiser, 2 September 1825.