Seize and retake the prisoners.

by Lisa Y. Henderson


TO ALL SHERIFFS, BAILIFFS and CONSTABLES within the State aforesaid

Whereas JAMES R. BENT, Sheriff of the County of Chowan, hath complained on oath, before me, HENRY FLURY, ESQ., one of the Justices of the County, aforesaid, that on the night of the 17th of the present month, the following persons broke and escaped from the prison of our County of Chowan, to wit:

LEON CABARRUS — a mulatto committed to the Jail of said County upon a charge of having broken open the Shop of JOSEPH F. FARIBAULT in the night time, and stealing, taking and carrying away divers articles of Jewelry and JOHN HOLLEY, committed to the prison aforesaid, by virtue of a peace warrant. — These are therefore to command you and every of you in your respective counties and precincts, to seize and retake such prisoners so escaped and going at large, and being so taken, forthwith convey, to the prison of the County where such retaking shall be, there to be kept in safe custody until he or she be thence discharged by due course of law. — Given under my hand and seal, at Edenton, the 19th of August, A.D., 1820.    HENRY FLURY (Seal)

Edenton Gazette, 21 August 1820.