Jail break, no. 3.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Sixty Dollars Reward.  The Goal [sic] of the district of Fayetteville, was broken open on the night of the 19th instant, by LITTLEBERRY WILSON, JESSE ROBINSON & JACOB HAMMONDS, 3 of the prisoners who were confined therein on charges of Felony, and who have escaped therefrom.

LITTLEBERRY WILSON is about 27 or 30 years of age, fair hair, inclining to red – about 6 feet 1 inch high – thick set – generally wore a short blue jacket with sleeves, and a Swansdown vest – is an inhabitant of Lenoir county, and was committed for the murder of a man of the name of Argor.

JESSE ROBINSON, is about 24 years of age – dark hair – about 5 feet 6 inches high – thick set – generally wore a short blue coat – was sent from Richmond County – on a charge of horse stealing.

JACOB HAMMONDS is a mulatto man about 25 years of age – about 5 feet 7 inches high, tolerably thick set – dressed in homespun, having also a blue cloth coat – was sent from Robeson County, charged with horse stealing.

The above reward will be paid for apprehending the aforesaid Felons, and delivering them to the subscriber in Fayetteville, or securing them in any goal in the United States – or the sum of TWENTY DOLLARS for either of them.  GEORGE K. BARGE, Gaoler. Fayetteville, N.C. April 20th, 1803.

Wilmington Gazette, 5 May 1803.