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He stole his indentures.

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Tarboro Free Press, 4 May 1833.

$5 Reward.

RAN AWAY from the Subscriber, on Sunday night last, an indented apprentice, a colored boy, named


Aged about 16 years, tolerably stout built, bright complexion and bushy head. His grandmother is a free woman named Olive Hammonds, and lives in Halifax county, where I expect Willis will try to get, as he has several other connections in that county. Said boy stole his indentures, and will probably try to pass himself with them as free. The above reward will be paid for his recovery, if delivered to me, in Edgecombe county, near Col. Benj. Sharpe’s, or secured in any jail so that I can get him. All persons are forbid harboring or employing said boy, under penalty of the law.  WILLIAM BROWN.

April 9, 1833.

Blame it on the grog shop!

Attempt to Murder. – On Monday evening last, the citizens of the heart of our town were alarmed by loud cries of Murder! On repairing to the spot, it was found that a coloured man named Ephraim Hammond, had been struck on the head with a brick, by which his skull was shockingly fractured. Suspicion having attached to two white men, named Frederick Jones and Allen Rowell, they were taken up, and after examination, fully committed for trial. There is little or no hope of Hammond’s surviving the injury.

It would be improper to detail any of the circumstances connected with this horrid affair, except to state, that it appears to have been produced by an occurrence on the same evening, at a gambling table at one of those sinks of iniquity, a Grog shop! kept by one of the prisoners, and in the same building recently occupied by Wm. M. Anderson, who, only six weeks ago, vacated it to take up his abode in Jail for the murder of Madison Allen.

When will our County Court do its duty towards the suppression of these nuisances? – Fayetteville Observer.

The People’s Press (Wilmington), 2 February 1838.

Jail break, no. 3.

Sixty Dollars Reward.  The Goal [sic] of the district of Fayetteville, was broken open on the night of the 19th instant, by LITTLEBERRY WILSON, JESSE ROBINSON & JACOB HAMMONDS, 3 of the prisoners who were confined therein on charges of Felony, and who have escaped therefrom.

LITTLEBERRY WILSON is about 27 or 30 years of age, fair hair, inclining to red – about 6 feet 1 inch high – thick set – generally wore a short blue jacket with sleeves, and a Swansdown vest – is an inhabitant of Lenoir county, and was committed for the murder of a man of the name of Argor.

JESSE ROBINSON, is about 24 years of age – dark hair – about 5 feet 6 inches high – thick set – generally wore a short blue coat – was sent from Richmond County – on a charge of horse stealing.

JACOB HAMMONDS is a mulatto man about 25 years of age – about 5 feet 7 inches high, tolerably thick set – dressed in homespun, having also a blue cloth coat – was sent from Robeson County, charged with horse stealing.

The above reward will be paid for apprehending the aforesaid Felons, and delivering them to the subscriber in Fayetteville, or securing them in any goal in the United States – or the sum of TWENTY DOLLARS for either of them.  GEORGE K. BARGE, Gaoler. Fayetteville, N.C. April 20th, 1803.

Wilmington Gazette, 5 May 1803.