Fourth Generation Inclusive

Historical Documents of Genealogical Interest to Researchers of North Carolina's Free People of Color

Jail break, no. 3.

Sixty Dollars Reward.  The Goal [sic] of the district of Fayetteville, was broken open on the night of the 19th instant, by LITTLEBERRY WILSON, JESSE ROBINSON & JACOB HAMMONDS, 3 of the prisoners who were confined therein on charges of Felony, and who have escaped therefrom.

LITTLEBERRY WILSON is about 27 or 30 years of age, fair hair, inclining to red – about 6 feet 1 inch high – thick set – generally wore a short blue jacket with sleeves, and a Swansdown vest – is an inhabitant of Lenoir county, and was committed for the murder of a man of the name of Argor.

JESSE ROBINSON, is about 24 years of age – dark hair – about 5 feet 6 inches high – thick set – generally wore a short blue coat – was sent from Richmond County – on a charge of horse stealing.

JACOB HAMMONDS is a mulatto man about 25 years of age – about 5 feet 7 inches high, tolerably thick set – dressed in homespun, having also a blue cloth coat – was sent from Robeson County, charged with horse stealing.

The above reward will be paid for apprehending the aforesaid Felons, and delivering them to the subscriber in Fayetteville, or securing them in any goal in the United States – or the sum of TWENTY DOLLARS for either of them.  GEORGE K. BARGE, Gaoler. Fayetteville, N.C. April 20th, 1803.

Wilmington Gazette, 5 May 1803.

Whipped to death.

BADLY WHIPPED.  – The Goldsboro’ Tribune says that a bound free negro man in Snowhill, Greene county, having been detected in stealing $200 from a Mrs. Cobb, was taken up and whipped so badly that he died. The parties have been bound over. 

Weekly Standard, Raleigh, 10 July 1861.

Free-Issue Death Certificates: WINN, WYNN.

Tempsy Winn.  Died 6 Apr 1924, Mount Olive, Wayne County. Colored.  Widow of Washington Wynne.  About 85 years old.  Nurse.  Born in Fayetteville, Cumberland County, to Nathan Brewington and unknown mother. Buried, Mount Olive NC. Informant, George W. Winn.

In 1860 census, Buck Swamp, Wayne County: Washington Winn, 35, carpenter; wife Temperance J., 20; and children Aaron, 17, Levi, 15, Elizabeth, 13, James, 11, and Giles, 9.

Levi W. Winn.  Died 1 June 1920, Brogden, Wayne County. Negro.  Married to Mary Winn. Born 1842 in Mount Olive to Washington Winn and Larky Winn.  Buried Mount Olive.  Informant, D.H. Winn.

James Cicero Winn.  Died 16 Oct 1922, Mount Olive, Brogden, Wayne County. Colored.  Married to Mattie Winn.  Born 16 Oct 1848 in Wayne County to Washington Winn and Larkie Brenette. Buried Mount Olive Colored Cemetery.  Informant, Thad Winn.

In the 1850 census of South Side of Neuse, Wayne County: Washington Winn, 30, farmer; wife Larkey, 30; and children Aaron, 8, Levi, 6, Apsoly, 4, and James, 6 months; plus Jno. Newell, 12.

Emiley Winn.  Died 3 Feb 1919, Mount Olive, Brogden, Wayne County. Colored. Widow. Born 1853 in “Fedville” [Fayetteville], Cumberland County, to Ne[illegible]em Terry and Scharlte Terry, both of Fayetteville. Buried Brogden township, Wayne County.  Informant, Leann Winn.

In the 1860 census of Indian Springs, Wayne County: Emily Winn, 19, with son John, 8 months, and husband Wm. Winn, 24.

Charles B. Winn.  Died 27 July 1923, Brogden, Wayne County. Colored. Married to Mary McGee Winn.  Age about 64. Born Wayne County to Bill Winn of Wayne County and Annie Newell-Winn of Fayetteville NC. Buried Wayne County.  Informant, Bruce Winn.

In the 1860 census of Indian Springs, Wayne County: Ann Newell, 25, and sons Wm. D., 7, and Charles, 5. All are described as white.

Mary Winn.  Died 8 Nov 1930, Dudley, Brogden, Wayne County.  Colored. Widow of Edward Winn.  Born 8 Jan 1860, Greene County, to Rob Hagans and [blank] Baker, both of Greene County. Buried Dudley NC. Informant, Fred Hagans.

In the 1860 census of Fields, Greene County: Robert Hagans, 31, day laborer; wife Sarah, 30; and children Mary, 12, Joseph, 8, Penelope, 5, and Edwin, 1, all described as mulatto.

Jim Henry Newell.  Died 26 Jan 1924, Mount Olive, Brogden, Wayne County. Colored. Married to Magie Newell.  Age about 69. Born in Mount Olive to Addam Winn and Larkie Newell.  Informant, Addam Newell.

In the 1860 census of Cumberland East, Cumberland County: Larkin Newell, 30, with her children Ollin G., 12, Washington, 11, Ann E., 8, James H., 6, Penny, 4, and Betsy, 4 months, all with the surname Winn.  Larkin was described as white; the children, mulatto.

Bettie Wynn.  Died 30 Aug 1935, Brogden, Mount Olive, Wayne County. Colored. Married to Giles Wynn. Age 82. Born Dudley NC to Levie Wynn and unknown mother.  Buried Mount Olive NC.  Informant, Lettie Bunting, Mount Olive.

Frances W. Wynn.  Died 12 Mar 1927, Dudley, Brogden., Wayne County. Colored. Widow.  About 67. Born in North Carolina to J. Arigers and [blank] Carther, both of NC. Buried Dudley NC. Informant, Levi Wynn.

Mary L. Wynn.  Died 30 Nov 1934, Mount Olive, Brogden, Wayne County. Colored. Widow of Levy W. Wynn. Age 83. Born Wayne County to Levy Wynn and Betsey Wynn, both of Wayne County. Informant, Daniel H. Wynn, Mount Olive.

 North Carolina Death Certificates; US population schedules.

He is an East India Indian.

TEN DOLLARS REWARD.  DESERTED from me the 12th instant on their march for Halifax, two soldiers belonging to the 5th battalion of this state, William Watson and Charles Peters, Watson has deserted five times, he has also cost the public twenty odd pounds for taking him up, and jail fees, he is about five feet ten inches high, dark complected, black hair, lives on or near Bay river, below NewbernPeters is an East India Indian, formerly the property of Mr. Thomlinson in Newbern.  Whoever delivers one or both of the above deserters to me at Bath or to any continental officer, taking their receipt for the same, shall have the above reward.   BEN. STEADMAN.

North Carolina Gazette, 15 May 1778.