Runaway bound girls.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

One Dollar Reward.

Ranaway from the subscriber, on Monday the 1st inst., a bound mulatto girl by the name of SARAH ANN HAYWOOD.  The above reward will be given to any one who will deliver the said girl to me. – All persons forwarned from harboring or employing the said girl, as the law will be enforced against any person who may do it.  J.C. RUDISILL.  Wood Lawn, Lincoln, N.C. June 25.

Lincoln Courier, Lincolnton, 8 August 1846.

Fifty Cents Reward!

Runaway from the subscriber, living 20 miles south-east of Lincolnton, in Gaston County, a bound girl, about 17 years of age, a dark mulatto.  She left about the 18th of March last; her name is Susannah, and the above reward is paid for her apprehension.  All persons are forewarned from harboring said girl, under the penalty prescribed by law.  A. FITE.  April 21

Lincoln Courier, Lincolnton, 5 May 1849.