Jail break.

by Lisa Y. Henderson


SOLOMON, the property of John Lockhart, deceased – He is about five feet eight inches high, black, no marks on his person recollected, aged 35 years.

WILLIS, the property of Capt. J.W. Latta, about six feet high, slender built, black, aged about 27 years.

ALEX HARRIS, a free boy, about five feet five inches high, mulatto, has been living about Raleigh.

Solomon was convicted for the murder of John Lockhart, and was detained for a new trial.  I will give for his apprehension two hundred dollars, and fifty dollars each for the two others, or their confinement in any jail so that I can get them.  H.B. GUTHRIE, Sheriff.  Hillsborough, N.C., May 22, 1863.

Weekly Standard, Raleigh, 27 May 1863.


$500 REWARD.  ESCAPED FROM THE JAIL OF GRANVILLE County, in Oxford, on the night of the 27th instant, BALDY KERSEY, a free negro, very bright color, and hair nearly straight, stout made, and about five feet eight inches high, about 45 years old, impudent appearance and quick speech.

Also, JOEL, a slave of T.B. VENABLE. Joel is a dark mulatto, about 5 feet 10 or 11 inches high, and rather spare built, though strong and likely, he is about 35 years of age.

Kersey was sentenced at September term of Granville Superior Court to six months imprisonment, and there are still pending against him five indictments for larceny.

Joel was committed for house breaking and an attempt to commit rape.

I will give the above reward for the apprehension and confinement of both, so that I get them again, or $200 for either.  The belief is that they are making towards the Eastern part of the State.  I wil give $500 for the apprehension and delivery, with evidence sufficient to convict those or anyone of those who assisted from the outside and broke the jail so as to release said prisoners.  W.A. PHILPOTT, Sheriff.  October 6, 1864.

Weekly Standard, Raleigh, 26 October 1864.