He induced a free negro to go over the mountains.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Condemned.  At Surry Superior Court, last week, Abram Weaver, who has been confined in the jail of this county for some eighteen months, was tried and convicted of selling a free negro.  An appeal was taken to the Supreme Court.  People’s Press.

Carolina Watchman, Salisbury, 30 September 1852.



This notorious individual, we learn, was tried for kidnapping, at the recent term of the Superior Court of Surry county – Judge Ellis presiding.  He was found guilty, and condemned to be hung on the first Friday in October; but appealed to the Supreme Court.

We understand it was in evidence that in the Spring of 1848 Weaver induced a free negro, Jim Corn, to go with him from Stokes county over the mountains into Virginia, on a trip to sell guns; that they stopped at the house of one Lowder, in Burke’s Garden, soon after which the prisoner, sold the said free negro into bondage, who was carried to Louisville, Kentucky, where the negro sued for and obtained his freedom.  Greens. Pat.

Carolina Watchman, Salisbury, 7 Oct 1852.