by Lisa Y. Henderson

Beware of the Villain!

An Irishman, called himself McGraw, has, for several months past, been loitering about this neighborhood in company with a free mulatto woman, whom he calls his wife.  No species of villainy is new to this abandoned wretch, who seems to have such a refined taste in the selection of his better half.  He is believed to be the man who persuaded a free girl of color to leave her employer in Salisbury, as they were afterwards seen in company, wending their way towards Wadesboro, N.C. It would be well for the public to keep a good look out, and if he should make his appearance in a tangible form, to let the law, if not the gallows, have its just rights.  JOSEPH HAINES.  Fulton, Rowan Co., N.C., June 6 1832 [sic]  6 June 1835