At work for the cause.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Duplin is right, as she always is; and so is Sampson. We cannot tell exactly the number of companies raised in either county, so far; but we know that the efforts of their patriotic citizens will only be limited by their ability.  One Duplin company, under Captain Kenan, is already completed.  The Sampson company, under Captain Faison, holds itself in readiness, and how many more will soon be ready, is difficult to say.  A number of free negro laborers was brought down yesterday from Sampson under the charge of Thos. H. Holmes, Esq., and they are at work.

Sundry companies have been formed in the interior of New Hanover, and we hear of companies forming in Bladen, though none have yet tendered themselves for actual service.  – Wil. Journal.

One Duplin company – a fine looking body of men – arrived here on Saturday and went into camp.

Weekly Standard, Raleigh, 1 May 1861.