Craven County Apprentices, 1793-95.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

On 20 July 1793, Susannah Dove, a free Negro woman, binds her sons Isaac Dove, an orphan aged 6 years old the 4th of April last, and Thomas Dove, an orphan aged three years the 4th of May last to John Brown.  Witnessed by Richard Triglith and William Orme and proved in court in December 1793.

On 13 December 1793, James Ruff, free Negro boy aged 18 years, was bound to William Bartlett, mariner, as a mariner.

On 10 March 1794, Jacob Carter, free Negro boy aged 10 years or thereabouts, was bound to William Jones as a cooper.

On 9 December 1794, George Carter, free Negro boy aged 17 years last September, was bound to Harding Ives as a turner.

On 9 March 1795, Betty Copes, free mulatto girl aged 9 years next 2 May, was bound to James Houston, Sr., as a spinster.

On 14 [March] 1795, Ned Lewis, a free Negro boy aged 10 years, was bound to Amos Wade as a mariner.