Marriages of Free People of Color in Wayne County: E-H.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Evans, Warren to Neusilla Thompson, 17 August 1854 at Ity Simmons‘.

In the 1860 census of Buck Swamp, Wayne County: Warren Evans, 30, wife Narcissus, 18, and children David W., 5, and Arabella, 4.

Faithfull, Mike to Angeline Seaberry, 6 August 1853, at his house.

In the 1860 census of Stony Creek district, Wayne County: Mike Faithful, 29, wife Angelina, 22, and children Henry, 5, and Louisa, 2 months.

Finch, Solomon to Eliza Burnett, 25 December 1856 at “my house.”

In the 1860 census of Goldsboro, Wayne County: Solomon Finch, 28, wife Eliza, 27, and children Georgiana, 10, and Thomas Russell Finch, 2.

Guy, Oliver to Exaline Artis, 26 March 1864.

Hagans, Dempsey to Cilvana Sumner, 12 October 1835.

Hagans, Larkin to Elizer Artis, 22 November 1864.

Hagans, William H. to Exeline Seaberry, 26 June 1863.

Hall, Emanuel to Nancy Ann Reid, 12 May 1853 at Bitha Read‘s.

Hall, Emanuel to Rachel Reid, 18 March 1858 at T. Reid‘s.

In the 1860 census of Davis district, Wayne County: Bytha Reed, 50, David Reed, 15, Emanuel Hall, 40, Rachel  Reed, 25, Delitha Reed, 2, and infant Reed, 1.

Hall, Samuel to Lucresy Smith, 25 November 1858 at Sherard Hagans‘.

Hall, Thomas to Mary Ann Artis, 10 August 1854 at Dempsey Hall‘s.