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Halifax County Marriages: D & E.

Daniel, James and Betsey Wilkins, 22 Dec 1848. Thomas Daniel, bondsman.

In the 1850 census of Halifax County: James Daniel, 37, farmer, and wife Betsey, 20.

Daniel, Richard and Matilda Evans, 18 Apr 1832. James Perry, bondsman.

Dempsey, Dempsey and Peggy Hawkins, 14 May 1831. Uriah W. Skinner, bondsman.

In the 1830 census of Halifax County, Dempsey Dempsey is head of a household of five free persons of color.

Dempsey, Hilliard & Arilla Dempsey, 25 Dec 1861.

In the 1860 census of Western District, Halifax County: Anderson Capps, 35, carpenter; wife Margarett, 35, spinner; Elizabeth Dempsey, 40, washerwoman; Arilla Dempsey, 16, seamstress; Dump Dempsey, 5; and James Rand, 5.

Dempsey, Melvin and Patsey Amos, 16 Mar 1830. Hansel Hathcock, bondsman.

In the 1830 census, Hansel Hathcock is a head of a household of free people of color.  In the 1860 census of Eastern Division, Halifax County: W.J. Squiggins, 32, fisherman; wife M.J., 24; Melvin Dempsey, 45, fisherman, born Halifax; Berthey Day, 30, cook, born Northampton; and George Day, 12, born Halifax.

Dempsey, Tamberlane and Tabitha Richardson, 4 Jul 1831. J.R.J. Daniel, bondsman.

In the 1860 census of Eastern Division, Halifax County: Tamblin Dempsey, 50, day laborer, wife Tabitha, 49, and children John, 14, Tharrigood, 10, and Anna J., 7.

Dempsey, Thorogood and Lucy Carter, 15 Feb 1832. Hezkiah Hathcock, bondsman.

Dempsey, William and Mariah Pugh, 8 Mar 1848. Laertes M. King, bondsman.

Dempsey, William and Mary Larence, 7 Jan 1857. B.W. Bass, bondsman.

In the 1860 census of Eastern Division, Halifax County: William Dempsey, 26, day laborer, wife Mary, 27, and children John, 4, Susan, 3, and George, 4 months.

Dempsy, John and Martha Bird, 10 Mar 1821. James Dempsy, bondsman.

Dempsy, [blank] and Mary Loclier, 2 Nov 1818. Richard Bird, bondsman.

Durham, Jacob and Harriette Mills, 4 Dec 1829. Isham Mills, bondsman.

Ethergain, James and Betsey Wilkins, 21 Feb 1825. Thomas Brewer, bondsman.

Evans, Doctor Lucas and Emily Linch, 31 Dec 1851. William Smith, bondsman.

In the 1860 census of Western District, Halifax County: Doctor Evans, 27, farmer, wife Emily 23, and children William, 4, and Sallie, 7 months.

Evans, James and Mary Evans, 19 Feb 1855. Jesse Boon, bondsman.

Evans, James and Epsey Richardson, 9 Oct 1856.

In the 1860 census of Western District, Halifax County: James Evans, 64, farmer, Lucy Evans, 64, spinner; Mary Evans, 30, spinner; James Evans, 25, farm laborer; and Lucy, 5, John, 3, and Elizebeth Evans, 1.

Evans, Mechan and Elizabeth Toney, 16 May 1831. Jno. Pepper, bondsman.

Evans, Moses and Roda Brown, 31 Jan 1859. Lem. Carter, bondsman.

In the 1860 census of Western District, Halifax County: Rodah Evans, 19, farmer, and Moses Evans, 23, farm laborer.

Evans, Richard and Betsy Chavers, 13 Jan 1858. Lazarus Pope, bondsman.

Halifax County Marriages: C

Caps, Anson and Margaret Dempsey, 15 July 1850. Henry Joyner, bondsman.

Carlisle, Elisha and Jane Portice, 27 December 1849. John Holland, bondsman.

Carlisle, Joseph Jno. and Elizabeth Portis, 28 January 1852. John Henry Harris, bondsman.

Carlisle, Levy and Penny Strickland, 19 Feb 1822. James Simmons, bondsman.

Carter, Frederick and Margaret Mills, 22 May 1851. Taylor Harriss, bondsman.

In the 1850 census of Halifax County: Fred Carter, 40 stonemason; Margaret Mills, 22; and Nancy Mills, 7 months.

Carter, Jordan and Louisa Frances (alias Ferguson), 6 June 1850.

In the 1850 census, Halifax County: Jordan Carter, 30, laborer, wife Louisa, 25, and children Tom, 5, John, 4, and Indianna, 2.

Carter, Randal and unnamed, 14 May 1831. Thourogood Dempsey, bondsman.

Carter, Willey and Sylla Mills, 24 September 1825. Henry C. Jones, bondsman.

Carter, William and Polly Evans, 21 Dec 1826. Kinchen Toney, bondsman.

Chavers, Solomon and Rebecca Daniels, 27 Dec 1822. Edward King, bondsman.

Chavers, William and Anje James, 21 Aug 1822. William Clinton, bondsman.

Chavis, Herbert and Louisa Peace, 26 April 1820. Carter Harrison, bondsman.

Coleman, James and Susan Lynch, 19 December 1848. Henry Coleman, bondsman.

In the 1850 census of Halifax County: James Coleman, 25, farmer, and wife Susan, 22. James reported owning real estate valued at $8. Also, Henry Coleman, 32, laborer, wife Martha, 26, and children Sarah, 6, Eliza, 4, and Lucy, 1.

Coley, Belfield and Mary A.E. Ivey, 2 Mar 1856. Isaac N. Faulcon, bondsman.

In the 1850 census of Halifax County: Belfield Coley, 15, and Geo. Baker, 9, living alone.

Coley, Dennis and Mary E. Mitchel, 12 January 1854.

Coley, Robert and Polly Mills, 16 May 1826. Jas. B. Pearson, bondsman.

Coley, Thos. and Sally A. Mitchell, 7 Jul 1851.

In the 1850 census of Halifax County: Thos. Coley, 22, and John Coley, 21, both boatman, living next door to Dennis Coley, 60, farmer, wife Dolly, 55, and children Sally, 30, Martha, 19, and Elias, 12.

Coley, Weldon and Cresy Baker, 14 February 1852.

In the 1860 census of Halifax County: Weldon Cooley, 50, farmer, wife Crecy, 46, spinner, and children Mary, 11, and Weldon, 9; plus Easton Cooley, 40, farm laborer.

Cousins, Francis and Panthae Liggins, 10 April 1854. John Mayhoe, bondsman.

Marriages of Free Colored People in Wayne County: L-Z

Locust, Daniel to Eliza Ann Goins, 1 Jan 1858, at H. Locust’s.

Lynch, Sherrard to Harriet Moore, 12 July 1855, at Gatlin Lynch’s.

In the 1860 census of Goldsboro, Wayne County: Gatlin Lynch, 44, wife Lovy, 40, children Emily, 14, and Betsey, 11, and Henry Coster, 13.

Mitchell, Henderson to Jane Dolinson, 18 March 1852, at Geo. Dolinson’s.

In the 1850 census of North Side of Neuse, Wayne County: Henderson Mitchell, 20, Council Hall, 23, and Jessee Hall, 21, all described as mulatto day laborers, in household of white merchant Ste Barnes, 28.  Also, shoemaker George Dollerson, 63, wife Easter, 52, and  Jane, 19, Nathan, 7, and Virginia, 9 months.

Munday, William to Emily Langley, 1 March 1855.

Read, Benjamin to Benanijah Hall, 25 November 1851, at Nahunta Depot.

In the 1850 census of North Side of the Neuse, Wayne County: Hilard Artice, 37, wife Vina, 24, and children Joshua, 15, Mary, 13, Sarah, 11, Elizabeth, 8, Isaac, 6, John, 5, Daniel, 3, and Hilliard, 2 months, plus Benjamin Read, 20. Also, Sherrard Hagins, 39, Mary, 39, Samuel, 20, Winifred, 18, Benjamin, 16, Mary, 13, Smithey, 10, Narcissa, 7, Robert, 7, and Nancy, 1. [This family used the surnames Hagans and Hall.  “Benjamin,” a girl, was in fact the Benjah Ann Hall who married Benjamin Read.]

Reid, Laurence to Winny Hall, 10 Apr 1853, at Wm. Hooks’.

In the 1850 census of North Side of the Neuse, Wayne County: Sarah Read, 60, with Pearcy, 28, Laney, 22, and Laurence Reid, 21.  See, also, “Winifred Hagans,” above.

Rowe, William to Delpha Bass, 15 July 1858.

Sampson, Lawrence to Eliza Seabery, 7 March 1861, at Theophilus Sampson’s.

In the 1850 census of North SIde of the Neuse, Wayne County: Theophilus Seaberry, 44, wife Rachell, 32, and children Kennean, 17, Sararna, 16, Eliza, 15, Aaron, 10, Litha, 8, Vicey, 7, Henry, 3, and Theophilus, 1, plus Calvin Smith, 22.  In the 1860 census of Nahunta, Wayne County: Kinyon Artis, 50, wife Vina, 45, and children Lawrence, 24, Mary A., 22, Isaac, 18, Betsey, 17, Hill, 11, and Rhody, 9, and Martha P. Hall, 3. [Oddly enough, this is same family listed as above in 1850 as Hilard and Vina Artice, etc.  The 1880 census of Pikeville, Wayne County, lists Lawrence Artis and his wife Eliza as Lawrence and Eliza Sampson.]

Simmons, Bryan to Elizabeth Winn, 24 August 1859, at Limestone.

Smith, John to Esther Dolerson, 5 January 1854, at Ephraim Jones’.

Sugg, Hinton to Martha George, 11 September 1856, at Goldsboro.

In the 1850 census of Greene County: Hinton Sugg, 16, mulatto, in the household of Martha Edmundson, 60, a white woman.

Toler, John to Apsilla Musgrave, 24 February 1853.

Troublefield, Peter B. to Nancy Adams, 19 January 1855, at Jesse Martin’s.

Halifax County Marriages: B

Baker, Peter and Jane Goings, 23 Dec 1858. John Edwards, bondsman.

Baker, Willie and Sally Hardyman, 27 Dec 1817. Isham Mills, bondsman.

Baker, Willie and Angie Mills, 31 Aug 1820. Isham Mills, bondsman.

Ballard, Carter and Caroline Vaughn, 20 Dec 1854. Bradford King, bondsman.

Banks, Caswell and Betsy Toney, 23 Dec 1858. Jno. Edwards, bondsman.

Banks, Caswell and Rebecca Jones, 18 Oct 1861.

Banks, Isham and Lucretia Ash, 23 Dec 1833. Elijah Powers, bondsman.

Banks, Isham and Mary Cooley, 7 May 1859.

Banks, Silas and Lucy Williams, 4 May 1851. Hilliard Harris, bondsman.

Barlow, Randolph and Emily Artis, 25 Mar 1849. Jas. W. Faucett, bondsman.

Barnhill, Blount and Repse Artis, 10 Jul 1847.

Bartley, Joseph and Maria Jones, 22 Dec 1854. Lazarus Pope, bondsman.

Beard, Jeremiah and Delena Manuel Ash, 4 Apr 1817.  Oliver Ash, bondsman.

Bird, Edmund and Sarah Read, 26 Jul 1828. Enoch King, bondsman.

Bird, James Henry and Frances V. Howard, 24 Aug 1858. John T. Saunders, bondsman.

Bird, John W. and Mary Gauphian Wilson, 7 Jan 1847. Peter Bird, bondsman.

Bird, Peter and Minerva Manly, 6 Oct 1858.

Boon, Jackson and Frances Boon, 29 Dec 1849.  Wm. G. Crawley, bondsman.

Boon, Lewis and Jemima Hegbeth, Oct [illegible]. James C. Faucett, bondsman.

Boon, Lewis and Mary Mayhoe, 17 Mar 1851.

Boswell, Charles and Nancy Richardson, 8 Dec 1818.  Matthew Gilbert, bondsman.

Bowser, Albert and Mary Bowser, 13 May 1857. 

Bowser, Augustus and Antoinette Mitchell, 7 Jun 1849. Charles N. Webb, bondsman.

Bowser, Burton and Rebecca Caroline Bowser, 8 Jun 1846. William Roberts and William Mills, bondsman.

Bowser, Guilford and Fanny Banks, 20 Dec 1830. Thomas Moody, bondsman.

Bowser, Guilford and Laney Bowser, 6 Feb 1854.

Bowser, Guilford and Rebecca C. Bowser, 23 Dec 1857. Thomas C. Bowser, bondsman.

Bowser, Isaac and Frances Williams, 6 Jun 1829. Thomas Bowser, bondsman.

Bowser, Lemuel and Luvenia Manley, 20 Nov 1850. Anson Caps, bondsman.

Bowser, Samuel and isabella Bowser, 9 Aug 1860. 

Bowser, Thomas and Betsey Williams, 24 May 1828. Caswell Mills, bondsman.

Bowser, Thomas and Roxana Manley, 22 Dec 1855. 

Bowser, Willie and [unnamed], 16 Sep 1828.  Caswell Mills, bondsman.

Bowzer, Burgess and Betsy Jones, 22 Nov 1859.

Bowzer, James and Adeline Bowzer, 14 Mar 1859. Ephraim Mills, bondsman.

Bradley, Marshal and Sarah Hally, 11 Jul 1853.

Britt, Richard and Louisa Mills, 9 Oct 1830.  Reddin Nevill, bondsman.

Brooks, Reddic and Sally Tootle, 21 Oct 1857. James W. Cotten, bondsman.

Brown, John and Eliza Wilkins, 18 Jan 1852.

Brown, Willis and Susan Dicken, 27 Jul 1831. Pink Dicken, bondsman.

Burt, Augustine and Milly Hathcock, 23 Oct 1833. Tho. R. Nevill, bondsman.

Burt, Elisha and Henrietta Locklayer, 3 Apr 1847. Hinton Cole, bondsman.

Burt, Joel and Nancy Richardson, 11 Jan 1825. Robt. Brinkley, bondsman.

Burt, Rhodam and Polly Jones, 18 Dec 1822. Thomas Fountain, bondsman.

Burt, Rhodam and Sally Locklier, 3 Jan 1827. Harrod Scott, bondsman.

Burt, Stephen and Wiltha Mitchell, 10 Aug 1826. R.M. Shearin, bondsman.

Byrd, Asa and Clarissa Keemer, 25 Mar 1834. William Jones, bondsman.



Marriages of Free People of Color in Wayne County: E-H.

Evans, Warren to Neusilla Thompson, 17 August 1854 at Ity Simmons‘.

In the 1860 census of Buck Swamp, Wayne County: Warren Evans, 30, wife Narcissus, 18, and children David W., 5, and Arabella, 4.

Faithfull, Mike to Angeline Seaberry, 6 August 1853, at his house.

In the 1860 census of Stony Creek district, Wayne County: Mike Faithful, 29, wife Angelina, 22, and children Henry, 5, and Louisa, 2 months.

Finch, Solomon to Eliza Burnett, 25 December 1856 at “my house.”

In the 1860 census of Goldsboro, Wayne County: Solomon Finch, 28, wife Eliza, 27, and children Georgiana, 10, and Thomas Russell Finch, 2.

Guy, Oliver to Exaline Artis, 26 March 1864.

Hagans, Dempsey to Cilvana Sumner, 12 October 1835.

Hagans, Larkin to Elizer Artis, 22 November 1864.

Hagans, William H. to Exeline Seaberry, 26 June 1863.

Hall, Emanuel to Nancy Ann Reid, 12 May 1853 at Bitha Read‘s.

Hall, Emanuel to Rachel Reid, 18 March 1858 at T. Reid‘s.

In the 1860 census of Davis district, Wayne County: Bytha Reed, 50, David Reed, 15, Emanuel Hall, 40, Rachel  Reed, 25, Delitha Reed, 2, and infant Reed, 1.

Hall, Samuel to Lucresy Smith, 25 November 1858 at Sherard Hagans‘.

Hall, Thomas to Mary Ann Artis, 10 August 1854 at Dempsey Hall‘s.

Marriages of Free Colored People in Wayne County: A-C.

Artis, Absalom to Eliza Evans, 18 June 1855, at Wm. Vernon’s.

In the 1860 census of Buck Swamp district, Wayne County: Absalom Artis, 32, wife Eliza, 22, sons John F., 4, James W., 2, and George W., 3 months, plus Mary, 55, Henry, 16 and Bunyan Mitchell, 14.

Artis, Adam to Frances Seaberry, 20 August 1861.

Artis, Calvin to Serena Seaberry, 2 October 1853.

In the 1860 census of Davis district, Wayne County: Calvin Artis, 27, wife Serena, 25, and children , 6, Polly, 5, James M., 3, and Henry I., 1.

Artis, Elbert to Edith Hall, 24 December 1857, at E. Hayes’.

In the 1860 census of Pikeville district, Wayne County: Elbert Artis, 24, wife Bedence, 20, and children Georgiana, 2, and Angeline Artis, six months.

Artis, Gilbert to Viney Hagans, 6 May 1859, at Eliza Hagans‘.

In the 1860 census of Buck Swamp district, Wayne County: Gilbert, 26, Melvina, 18, and Louisa Hagans, 11 mos.

Artis, Henderson to Mary Vick, 20 June 1857, at C. Vick’s.

There are two listings for this family in the 1860 census of Buck Swamp district, Wayne County: (1) Henderson, 25, Mary, 22, and Baby Artis, 6 months; and (2) Henderson Artis, 24, Mary,19, and Burkitt Artis, 2.

Artis, James to Smithy J. Hagans, 25 November 1858, at Sherard Hagans‘.

In the 1860 census of Davis district, Wayne County: James Artis, 24, wife Smithy J. Artis, 19, and Geo. W. Hagans, 9 months.

Artis, Jordan to Sarah Evans, 20 March 1860, at Milton NC.

In the 1860 census of Buck Swamp district, Wayne County: Vinson Artis, 50, wife Clarky, 48, son Jordan, 30, Jordan’s wife Sarah, 28, and probable grandchildren Jesse, 9, Mary E., 7, William, 6, and James, 4.

Artis, Mathew to Elizabeth Artis, 20 June 1852.

In the 1860 census of Pikeville district, Wayne County: Matthew Artis, 30, Elizabeth, 25, Zilpah, 5, Polly A., 2, and Emily J., 6 months.

Artis, Morrison to Jane Artis, 27 November 1862.

Artis, Thomas to Winny Artis, 30 Mar 1860, at Thomas Artis‘.

Best, Shepherd to Emily J. Hagans, 1 December 1858, at Eliza Hagans‘.

In the 1860 census of Nahunta district, Wayne County: Sheppard Best, 26, and wife Emily J., 16.

Capps, Haywood to Avy Mozingo, 3 May 1859, at Hinton Suggs’.

In the 1860 census of New Bern, Craven County: Haywood Caps, 34, “fireman on R.R.,” and wife Avy J. Caps, 20.

Capps, William to Margaret Winn, 14 Oct 1858, at Charles Winn‘s.

Croom, Hillary to Narcissa Manley, 24 September 1852, at Goldsboro.

Halifax County Marriages: A

Allen, Gideon H. and Nancy M. Mabry, 4 Mar 1829.  Jas. G. Jones, bondsman.

Allen, Gideon H. and Mary Goin, 23 April 1833. John H. Harwell, bondsman.

Archer, David and Jinsey Newsom, 2 Jul 1827. John Wilkins, bondsman.

Archer, Henry and Permelia Scott, 5 Mar 1853.  Joseph Archer, bondsman.

Artis, Alford and Emeline Scott, 9 Dec 1857. Nick Richardson, bondsman.

Artis, John and Polly Artis, 10 Sep 1825. John Smith, bondsman.

Artis, Joseph and Martha Ann Dangerfield, 21 Jun 1856. Geo. G. Gary, bondsman.

Artis, Nicholas and Eliza Green, 13 Jun 1859.

Artist, Isaac and Maria Collins, 15 Oct 1850.

Artist, Wm. Henry and Mary Eliza Cumbo, 7 May 1855. Lewis Conner, bondsman.

Ash, Edmund and Middy Mills, 3 Nov 1826.  Robin Cooley, bondsman.

Ash, Edwin and Jane Ash, 27 May 1831. Noah Underdew, bondsman.

Ash, Gabriel and Melissa Ash, 13 Jul 1831. James Shaw, bondsman.

Ash, Gabriel and Martha Harwell, 13 Apr 1835.  Wm. G. Smith, bondsman.

Ash, James and Mary James, 20 October 1847, B.W. Cotton, bondsman.

Ash, James and Louisa Mitchell, 7 September 1856.  B.W. Cotton, bondsman.

Ash, James and Jane Ash, 12 November 1863.

Ash, Littleberry and Sally Ann James, 1 February 1830.  Britton Mourning, bondsman.

Ash, Nicholas and Elizabeth Banks, 29 October 1834.  Thos. C. Willis, bondsman.

Ash, Sandy and Frankey Shine, 5 January 1832.  James Shaw, bondsman.

Ash, Warren J. and Viney Manley, 30 June 1832. Saml. Locklear, bondsman.

Ash, Weldon and Maria Toney, 25 April 1832.  Silas Banks, bondsman.

Ash, William and Harriet Toney, 1 Nov 1826. Jas. Bouser, bondsman.

Ash, Wilson and Eliza Bowser, 17 Nov 1831.  Silas Banks, bondsman.

Ashe, Emanuel and Jane Mills, 19 Aug 1859.

Ashe, Moses and Aderline Jones, 23 Sep 1852.

Marriage Registers, Register of Deeds, Halifax County.