Where are they now? No. 1.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

L.H. was born in the mid-1960s in Wilson NC.  She is descended from:

(1) Robert Aldridge [1819-ca1899, Duplin/Sampson/Wayne County] via John W. Aldridge [1851-1910, Wayne County]

(2) Vicey Artis [ca1810-ca1868, Greene/Wayne County] via Adam T. Artis [1831-1919, Greene/Wayne County]

(3) Margaret Balkcum [1836-195, Sampson/Wayne County]

(4) Leasy Hagans [ca1800-ca1865] via Louisa Hagans [1824-ca1875, Nash/Wayne County]

(5) Patsey Henderson [ca1795-??, Onslow County] via James Henderson [1815-ca1890, Onslow/Sampson/Wayne County] via Lewis Henderson [1836-1912, Onslow/Sampson/Wayne County]

(6) Aaron Seaberry [1818-ca1905, Wayne County] via Frances Seaberry [1845-1878, Wayne County]

and (7) an unknown Skipp of Onslow County.