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Historical Documents of Genealogical Interest to Researchers of North Carolina's Free People of Color

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Surname swap, no. 3.

In the 1850 census of Upper Richlands, Onslow County: brothers Lewis Skipp, 16, and James Skipp, 10, both mulatto, in the household of white farmer Stephen Humphrey.

In the 1860 census of Westbrooks, Sampson County: Lewis Henderson, 25, wife Margaret, 26, and children Lewis S., 4, James L., 3, and Isabella J., 4 months.  Also, James Henderson, 22, in the household of white farmer Lewis C. King. 

Lewis Henderson and James Henderson were the oldest sons of James Henderson, born about 1815 in Onslow County.  Skipp may have been their mother’s surname.

Where are they now? No. 13.

E.H. was born in Dudley NC in the late 1940s.  He is descended from these free people of color:

(1) Robert Aldridge [1819-1899, Duplin/Wayne County] via John W. Aldridge [1851-1910, Wayne County]

(2) John Armwood [ca1800-??, Sampson County] via Louisa Armwood [1830-??, Sampson/Wayne County]

(3) Vicey Artis [1810-ca1868, Greene/Wayne County] via Adam T. Artis [1831-1919, Greene/Wayne County]

(4) Mary Eliza Balkcum [1829-1924, Duplin/Wayne County]

(5) Sarah Greenfield [ca1820-??, Duplin/Wayne County]

(6) Patsey Henderson [ca1795-??, Onslow County] via James Henderson [1815-ca1890] via John H. Henderson [1861-1924]

(7) Winnie Medlin [ca1810-ca1905, Wayne County]

(8) James Simmons [ca1798-ca1860, Sampson/Wayne County] via Bryant Simmons [1832-ca1900, Wayne County] via Sarah E. Simmons [1862-1930, Wayne County]

(9) Gray Winn [1818-1850, Wayne County] via Elizabeth Winn [1836-??, Wayne County]

(10) Levi Winn [ca1820-??, Duplin/Wayne County] via Mary Levi Winn [1846-??, Duplin/Wayne County]

(11) Washington Winn [ca1820-1899, Duplin/Wayne County] via Levi Winn [1842-??, Duplin/Wayne County]

Where are they now? No. 1.

L.H. was born in the mid-1960s in Wilson NC.  She is descended from:

(1) Robert Aldridge [1819-ca1899, Duplin/Sampson/Wayne County] via John W. Aldridge [1851-1910, Wayne County]

(2) Vicey Artis [ca1810-ca1868, Greene/Wayne County] via Adam T. Artis [1831-1919, Greene/Wayne County]

(3) Margaret Balkcum [1836-195, Sampson/Wayne County]

(4) Leasy Hagans [ca1800-ca1865] via Louisa Hagans [1824-ca1875, Nash/Wayne County]

(5) Patsey Henderson [ca1795-??, Onslow County] via James Henderson [1815-ca1890, Onslow/Sampson/Wayne County] via Lewis Henderson [1836-1912, Onslow/Sampson/Wayne County]

(6) Aaron Seaberry [1818-ca1905, Wayne County] via Frances Seaberry [1845-1878, Wayne County]

and (7) an unknown Skipp of Onslow County.