Free-Issue Death Certificates: POWELL.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Elijah Powell.  Died 5 Apr 1914, Wilson township, Wilson County.  Black. Married.  Farmer.  Age 84.  Born in Nash County to Elijah Powell and Seathie Powell.  Buried Wilson County.  Informant, T.A. Jones.

Nineteen year-old farmer Eligah Powell is listed with his parents, Eligah and Selah Powell, in the 1850 census of Nash County.

Dolison Powell.  Died 23 Dec 1915, Wilson township, Wilson County.  Colored.  Married.  Farmer.  Born 5 Apr 1840 in Wilson County to Steven Powell and Sintha Powell, both of Edgecombe County.  Buried Wilson County.  Informant, Howard Powell.

“Dolly” Powell, age 7, is listed in the household of his parents, Stephen and Synthia Powell, in the 1850 Nash County census.

Mary Ann Powell.  Died 5 Apr 1921, Jackson township, Nash County.  Widow of Ickibuck Powell.  Colored.  Age 74.  Born in Wilson County to Silas Lassiter & Orpie Lassiter, both of Wilson County.  Buried Powell gtaveyard.  Informant, Henry Powell.

Mary Lassiter, age 11, is listed in the household of her parents, Silas and Orpie Lassiter, in the 1860 census of Wilson township, Wilson County.