Show cause why the indentures of apprenticeship should not be rescinded.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

North Carolina

To the Shiriff of Wayne County Greeting

You are hereby commanded to make known to Nathan Edgerton to produce into court at the next term to be held for said County at the Court House in Goldsboro on the third Monday of May next, Mary, Raeford, Louisa, Amelia, Devereux, Narcissa, Olif & Sarah Carroll, Children of Margaret Carroll, then & there to Show cause if any he has why the Indentures of Apprenticeship to him should not be recinded — herein fail not, & have you then & there this writ

Witness Benj Aycock clerk of said court at office the third Monday of Feby A.D. 1856

Issued 23rd April 1856                  Benj. Aycock  Clk.

Nathan Edgerton indentured nine Carroll children, aged 1 to 15, in 1855.  Their mother Margaret Carroll, who lived in Johnston County, protested the indentures without apparent success: Sarah, Louisa, Amelia, Olivia and Narcissa Carroll appear in Nathan Edgerton’s household in the 1860 census of Wayne County.

Apprenticeship Records, Wayne County Records, North Carolina State Archives.