Artis was borned.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Mary Artis was borned 24 day of April in the year 1846

Penninah Artis was borned the 3rd day of August 1848

Lewis Artis was borned the 12th day of December in the year 1850

William G. Artis was borned the 10th July in the year 1853

Benajy C. Artis was borned the 22nd January 1859

make indentures                James Scott surety

These children appear in the household of their parents, Asa and Pherebe Artis, in the 1860 census of Nahunta township, Wayne County.  When were they indentured?  Why?  Were they suddenly orphaned?

Apprenticeship Records, Wayne County Records, North Carolina State Archives.