A small boy of Culler.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

March the 29th 1831

Beet known to the onerable Cort of Wayne County that I had a small boy of Culler Bound to me Two or three years ago I am going to the Westan Contry and I have Left the boy with Stephen Woodard and I Wish the Cort to Binde the Same to sd Woodard and releas me and my Secureety     — Woodard Daniel

Only one indenture involving Woodard Daniel survives, that for 12 year-old Lewis Artis in 1824.  However, records show that Stephen Woodard bound 9 year-old Willie Hagans in 1831, and we can assume that this was the child that Daniel gave up.  Woodard bound 8 free children of color between 1820 and 1831.

Apprenticeship Records, Wayne County Records, North Carolina State Archives.