A coloured apprentice.

by Lisa Y. Henderson

State of No Carolina }     Court of Pleas & Quarter

Wayne County        }            Sessions — Nov Term 1837 —

Mr Henry Best Sir You are hereby notified to produce on Monday of Feby term of this court next a coloured apprentice named Vincey Seabery on penalty of forfeiting your bond given for the forthcoming of said negro.

Nov 28th 1837          Jno A Green clk

Apprenticeship Records, Wayne County Records, North Carolina State Archives.

[Sidenote: Melvina Seaberry was seven years old in 1824 when apprenticed to Best, who had indentured her brothers Rufus and James Madison Seaberry in 1820.  Best bound another sibling (or cousin), Raleigh Seaberry, in 1837, and yet another, Harriet Seaberry, in 1837.  Melvina was closing in on 21 years of age in 1837, and her indenture was expiring, which may be the reason for Best’s summons. — LYH]