Children Ages

by Lisa Y. Henderson

Elizzey Jones Children Ages

Saram Jones was Born on the 12 of August 1845

Penny Jones was Born on the 5 of Apirul 1847

Wiley Jones was Born on the 1 Day of January 1849

This undated note is found among apprenticeship records for Wayne County at the North Carolina State Archives.  Eliza Jones’ children were bound to blacksmith Barden Jones at August Term, 1849 of the Wayne County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions.  The 1850 census of Wayne County shows that the children’s mother, Eliza Jane Jones, lived with them in Barden Jones’ household.  In 1857, they were re-apprenticed to Joseph M. Caho.  The 1860 census shows Sarah and Wiley with steam miller Caho, but Penny with a neighboring farmer, Bryant Minshew.  “Elizabeth” Jones and her younger children, Terence, Nancy and Eliza, are listed in a household adjacent to Caho’s.